First Gen Moto X frequently shuts down


What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

My 1st gen. Moto X frequently shuts down when I answer a call. I have just cell calling and text and WiFi data and calling. I don’t know the designation of my plan.

It shuts down spontaneously when I tap the Google News app., too. I haven’t figured out what’s making this happen when I try to answer a call; it doesn’t always happen. But sometimes it shuts down spontaneously for apparently no reason. I have, however, dropped the phone a number of times over the last couple of months, damaging the case some, especially in the lower, right-hand corner facing the glass. And the glass screen also has cracked in the upper, left corner, with a crack extending down to nearly the middle of the screen.


Its a old device by now. Classic signs of a failing/worn battery.

You can try booting the phone up in safe mode, this disables all 3rd party app, and see if the phone still shuts down then. Sometimes, a misbehaving app can cause shutdowns.

Otherwise, a factory rest to wipe clean and start fresh, may help lighten the software load a bit on it.

But, ultimately, it is probably time to consider getting a newer device.


I’ll agree with Cheetah that it’s likely a battery issue. Where I live, a new battery installed for the Gen 1 would cost you about $70.

However, I’ve found some software that will just not operate with the older Android version you have (4.1?). Firefox is just one example. And many of the newer 3rd party apps will update themselves without checking to see if they’re compatible with older Android.

With the cracked screen, I’d agree that it’s probably time for a new phone, but you may be able to nurse the Moto X along for a while longer if you need to.


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