First impressions

I’ve been waiting for two weeks for the Ascend 5W. I purchased a Moto Z Play last week and its back ordered. I’ve been trying to buy 6 Ascend 5Ws since 12AM EST to bring a total of 7 lines, wife and 5 kids, to Republic wireless. This was to be their Christmas present. I chatted with Republic support last week told them my intentions and asked if they could see any problems with my plan. They said no problem, no limit on the phone, but you sold out in 30 minutes? WTF?

Republic Wireless, I’m cancelling my order for the Moto Z Play and you not only lost a family with 7 lines, I have several people at work waiting for my recommendation on your service. I will not recommend. How can I if my first experience was a bait and switch and now I can’t trust you? Here’s a lesson in business 101; it takes years to build a reputation; and minutes to blow it.

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