First look at Moto E4: amazing!


I just unwrapped my new E4 today. The setup was almost totally different than the “activate” page on the RW website… more on that in my next post. Once I got though all of the setup problems, though, I’m amazed that this phone costs only $130!

  • The display is bright, sharp and clear.
  • My favorite app, the Firefox browser, opens basically instantly; on my old Nexus 5X it took a second or two. I don’t do high-intensity gaming, etc., so this gives me an idea that the phone won’t be sluggish for what I need.
  • The phone calls I made sound good, though the other person sounds a bit like they’re in a tin can. (I think these calls were through T-Mobile, not WiFi.)
  • The fingerprint sensor works well. It senses my finger at more angles that my old phone did.

I agree with the reviews that say the camera isn’t great. I especially don’t like the app: It seems limited. If I switch on “Professional” mode, it’s gone the next time I open the app. There are only a few settings. I really miss one feature: the button that let me see the last photo full-screen so I could zoom in to check sharpness, etc. (The OpenCamera app has this and many, many more features.)

If you don’t want to spend a lot on a smartphone, this one looks like a winner!


I agree. The Moto E4 is a great value. It serves my needs well. I read about the camera in other reviews, it’s fine for my use, others may disagree. My previous phone was a Moto G 1st generation. I have been with Republic Wireless since 2015. The few times I have needed service, they have either taken care of it, or they have gone above and beyond to take care of it. I agree with you, the E4 is a winner!


I have Moto E4 plus, the big battery is a real great asset, got 8 days before I charged it again. Moto e line of phones are great.


The E4 does not seem to have a notification LED, like the G1 did.
The E4 Plus, apparently, has one.