First thoughts on "new" RW community forum


I infrequently visit or post and today was my first time posting on the “new” (to me) forum. Much improved! Thanks/kudos, RW!


I could not agree more!

To me, it has become more of a “just the facts” kind of forum. I mean that as a very good thing. Not that long ago (in my very humble opinion) this site was bordering on the wild west.

When someone looking for help reaches out for information, they need help. Not someone taking advantage of a platform and venting their spleen.

The “new” look of this forum is a credit to the decision makers within Republic Wireless.

Great post.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this @ronaldn and @olyolson.

Our Community’s aim is to facilitate vibrant conversations between our Members & prospects, while creating a window in to Republic Wireless. A place where solutions move at the speed of conversation and if you give a little, you’ll get a lot in return.

We very much appreciate you making your voice heard in our Community and more importantly, your trust in Republic! Thank you.

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