First time poster - what happens with unused data on MyChoice?

Just curious…I am on the My Choice plan, typically 3 Gb…if I buy and pay for more data mid-way thru the billing cycle, but do not use it, does the leftover data that I paid for continue to the next month? If not, is there reimbursement or is less taken from my checking account to accommodate that?

Thanks in advance!

No. When you buy extra data you only have until the end of your normal billing period to use it. Think of it this way, if you had bought 4 GB from the start, instead of 3 and an extra GB later, you would still be in the same boat. It wouldn’t be fair to the guy who bought 4 GB in the first place if your 3 GB initial + 1 GB midway through the cycle lasted for a longer period of time.

Thanks for the response. I can understand that for the original plan data, but was hoping that additional data would not fall in that same category

I recently switched plans…previously was grandfathered into an older plan, having been with Republic since near the beginning. I seem to remember seeing somewhere, some time ago, mention of data refunds or reimbursement. Perhaps I missed that by not jumping on every plan change?

My wife still has her MotoX 1st gen from when they only offered 1 or 2 phones…still pay $10 for the talk/text on that one…can’t get her to upgrade.

Refund plans were a couple generations of plans back. It was $15/GB and you were refunded back what you didn’t use (on a per MB basis) at the end of the billing cycle.

The refund plan is still available for your wife’s Moto X.

Typical for me…day late…dollar short!


I’d say you made out better. If you actually use close to 3 GB/month you’ll be paying $30/month vs. ~$55/month on the old refund plan.


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