First volume up, now power button

Have a Moto G7 which is pretty new, maybe 6 months or so. Anyway, about three months in the volume up button stopped working. Not really a huge deal, as pressing the volume down brings up an on-screen slider anyway. I can live with it. Now, suddenly yesterday the power button stopped working. Nothing. Pressing it does absolutely nothing. Doesn’t work at all.

Volume button I can live with, but no power button is a problem. What if the phone dies? I could never turn it on again.

Any advice on how I can fix this? Like I said, the phone isn’t even that old, and there’s no abuse of any kind. It lives in a nice rubbery plasticy cover and has never been dropped or mishandled.


Hello @nicb

My first recommendation is to try the phone without the rubbery cover/case.

If the situation remains, while your phone is on and working, I would look to make sure you have it backed up.

After that, If it was my phone, I would hold down the power button for a good 3 minutes.
That should shut it down.
I would next try restarting the phone hoping that the reboot fixed your issues.

If the phone fails to reboot I would take advantage of any warranty, as you state:

I’ve tried all of those things. Holding down the power button doesn’t do anything because it physically doesn’t work. I also can’t reboot it for the same reason.

I was just hoping that maybe someone else has had this issue and knew of a fix.

It should be returned under warranty then.
Did you buy it through Republic?

I did, yes. However, returning it is not really an option because I need it. I use it as my personal phone and for work purposes, so not having it for even a day won’t work.

Thanks for the responses.

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I understand.
Your warranty is actually from Motorola. So if/when you are ready for that route… that’s who you would contact.

Hi @nicb,

Republic certainly understands that concept. We need our phones every day, too!

If you’ll open a help ticket and troubleshoot with our Help Team, and if they decide that it needs to be replaced under warranty, they will send the replacement and give you a few days to move into it before you have to return the one being replaced. No down time to worry about.

Details in the warrantable replacements section of the replacements section of this article:


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