Fit bit will not connect to moto g5

I have a moto g5 trying to get a fitbit versa to connect says it notice ,s it but fitbit does not. looked on you tube says because is android have to change some things in phone can anyone help me on this not having any luck Rob opp is a moto g5 plus

Is this a new watch first time setup on your phone…or u got a new phone and want to pair the used watch to it?

If a new phone…

I have not used FitBit products, but, on my past smartwatches, Pebble, Amazfit, Samsung, i would need to un-pair and old remove the phone from the watches settings and app entirely, inorder to pair it to a new phone. U also need to activate the watches pairing mode perhaps.

A factory reset of the watch may be the last resort.

first time detup

new watch

Is it the new Versa 2 model, or the original?
I have heard that the older original model has some compatibility issues.

no not 2 just versa


yeah have to do something in phone then may not work

Here is the page from FitBit for troubleshooting things:

The only thing i can think of is make sue your phone has the latest System OS updates, apps are up to date, and bluetooth is on.

There shouldn’t be anything u really need to change in the phone to make them work…the watch would use the Fitbit app to setup and mange.

You could also check out the FitBit forums and see if any other users there have any insight into their own experience with that watch and that exact phone.

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