Fitting Micro SD in G4


I had a Moto E(2nd) with a Kingston microSD card in it. I just upgraded my phone to a Moto G(4). I can’t get the microSD card to fit in the new phone. Any ideas?


Hi @kathleenh.imyxbn,

What you are trying to accomplish should work. Here’s Motorola’s guidance: Using an SD card - Moto G (4th Gen.).


I have no idea how you found that. I have never been a fan of Moto’s support page, Motolenovo’s site usually results in dead links for me…well done!. The only thing I could think of was to rotate the card as the orientation position may have changed.


I still favor the Moto Help Screens that are provided on the phone … the big Blue ? in the apps drawer. The section under Storage show the information necessary on my Moto X Pure (so I assume it’s there on the G4’s also)


I’ve checked out the link from rolandh. Still doesn’t work. I also tried rotating the card as c1tobor suggested. Still doesn’t work. The microSD card appears to be a different size from the slot. Thanks for the suggestions.


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