Fix Google Pixel REG09 E911 Error Message

For some reason the latest update to the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a (and their XL variants) has caused the OS to try and toggle on the OS wifi calling, which doesn’t work with Republic. As you may know Republic has its own wifi calling and doesn’t use the OS version. When this happens the phone throws multiple errors. To fix this, go to Settings – Network & Internet – Mobile Network – Advanced – Wifi calling and toggle it off. That will fix the errors and will not impact your ability to make wifi calls


I have a Pixel 3 with the latest (June) update installed, but I don’t have the WiFi Calling toggle setting in Settings -> Network and Internet -> Mobile Network -> Advanced. Where else might I find this?

Are you getting a wifi calling error message?

No. I was trying to be proactive.

Nothing to be proactive about. This only applies in the specific situation where the update causes the error to appear.

OK. Thank you.

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