Flew from Buffalo to Cedar Rapids, Stuck in Roaming in Cedar Rapids



Moto G5 Plus
Republic My Choice Plan (latest) with 1G of data.
Android 7.0 (Jan 1 2018 security patch)
Build Number NPNS25.137-93-4

My phone is currently stuck in roaming. I live in Buffalo, and received and activated my Moto G5 Plus in Buffalo. I have recently flown to Cedar Rapids, IA and since arriving my phone is constantly roaming. I find this odd, as the coverage checker shows the Cedar Rapids area as fully covered for 4G LTE. I also used to live in Cedar Rapids, and had a Moto X 1st Gen that I used with Republic Wireless on the 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0 plans for 4 years with no issue.

Here’s what I have tried to fix the issue:

  1. Toggle airplane mode, to try and reset the cell connection.
  2. Toggle cell data on and off.
  3. Toggle data roaming on and off.
  4. Restart the phone.
  5. Re-activate the phone using the ##8467## code in the dialer.
  6. Restart the phone with the SIM card removed, then re-insert the SIM card and restart again.

None of these steps have helped, and my phone continues to be in roaming. Is there another way to fix this issue? It is very frustrating to be stuck with a Republic phone that cannot use data outside of Buffalo.

I have checked other similar issues on the site and none have any additional information that helps my situation.

Thank you for any and all help with this issue. If I can provide any more data please let me know.


my 1st guess is that your Moto G5+ is on the GSM partner (T-Mobile) network (which only has Roaming in Cedar Rapids, IA)
(the old legacy phones where on the CDMA partner (Sprint) )

can you tell us the results of dialing *#*#786#*#* in your dialer?
if it clears or said number not allowed then you are on the GSM partner.


Entering *#*#786#*#* does not cause any phone action, it simply disappears from the dialer, so I am assuming that means I am on T-Mobile’s GSM network.

This is very disappointing. The Coverage Checker makes no indication that this is the actual coverage in Cedar Rapids. Does this mean I am stuck out with my new Republic phone? I am unable to use data as would be expected from the Coverage Checker?


here is [Republic coverage map for the GSM partner]
(Coverage Check | Republic Wireless)

note the light green is roaming
and here is the coverage map from the GSM partner

If your going to be in Cedar Rapids for awhile Republic support can send a CDMA card for that phone (though it will take a few days (week?) to get to you.

Republic CDMA map

Sprint Map


Hi @hammondam54,

I’ll DM you to get some details and see what we can do.


@drm186, @southpaw, I greatly appreciate the help. Thank you for providing the extra coverage maps. Unfortunately, I do not see how these maps are accessible when using the Republic Wireless website from it’s home page. The only coverage checker I am presented with is the map for CDMA with no links/notifications of the GSM coverage map and how it can differ. Could that presentation be adjusted? So that when people (like me) enter in a ZIP to check coverage a notification is made that the GSM coverage is significantly different from the CDMA?

Regardless of that, I will be in Cedar rapids for the next 13 days, so I’m not sure if a new CDMA Republic SIM could make it to me before I leave. I do wonder though, if a CDMA SIM will cause any issues with my current number? Will my GSM SIM be completely replaced? I have questions like that. I’ll be looking for your DM @southpaw.

Thank you again


Hi @hammondam54,

I’ll pass your feedback about the coverage maps along to the appropriate team.

When you replace your current SIM card with a new one, the new one activates much like a new phone would activate. You’ll sign into your current RW account and follow prompts on the phone to keep the same phone number as you activate the new SIM card. That process will de-activate the current SIM card. If you get home and prefer the coverage you had with that SIM card, it can be re-activated for 20 days, or we can send you a fresh one.


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