Flip to Mute gone

I really enjoyed being able to turn my phone over on its face when I took my afternoon nap. But the new update seems to have made that go away. Searching online does not help. I found “Do not disturb preferences” and there is a place to add more. From there you can choose rule type. I want event rule for when I place my phone face down - so i pick that and am given a text box that says “Enter rule name” but no direction whatsoever for how to proceed. Is there something I can place there to recover the lost Flip to Mute?

my phone is a Moto5G+ with the latest OS 8.1.0

Just a guess, but if you enter a ‘rule name’ like ‘Flip4DND’, I would expect the program would provide the guidance? Let us know please

you may want to check the Moto action setting in the Moto app

This is indeed a function controlled by the Moto App on your phone. Motorola’s directions are here: https://support.motorola.com/in/en/solution/MS123061

Barring any of the above actions providing what you want, it would be very easy for you to create your own function:
Download MacroDroid
Add a Trigger (Red) …‘Flip Device’
Add an Action (Blue) … Priority Mode / ‘Do Not Disturb’ … then set the desired Option and Save (Check)

There were a bunch of folks recently participated in Community Challenge 5: MacroDroid Automations … this may provide you additional inspriation

Thanks to all for the help. Unfortunately, even though I finally found where to turn the flip to mute is turned on or off in the Moto App, and made sure that the action is turned on, it still does not work. I tried turning it off and on again but still no. next I will try reinstalling the app. I reinstalled the app after first removing it and when I opened it after the reinstall, the flip to mute was turned off so I turned it on and tried it again. no joy. Any more ideas other than installing a whole other app?

My recommendation would be contact with Moto: https://support.motorola.com/us/en/contactus It’s their phone and their app and functionality that they say should work, so they should be in the best position to help you solve this.

Thank you. I spent an hour on the phone with Motorola yesterday, speaking to three different technicians. We went though several steps concluding in a complete phone cache wipe but no luck. Today i found out that even touching the DND icon does not activate DND. I am reminded of the line from Frankenstein: “It’s Alive!”

My wife has the same phone and it works by either activating the DND icon or by flipping the phone on its face - or i should say it does not work with those settings.

One further update: My moto will not go into DND during the preset hours that it is set to. I went to the Lenovo forum and a tech there suggested to try all this in safe mode as a third party app might be the issue, but none of the DND features work in save mode either. Anyone have any ideas?

If Lenovo can’t solve it I doubt we can. You’re basically at the point of a factory reset.

Thanks to all here - I finally got a fix. I was working with the Moto app (moto logo in white on lt blue field0 and was going to see if I could delete and reinstall it when i noticed there is also a Moto Actions app (a hand and three stars in white on a lite blue field). I tried to delete that app and it offered to update so I did and bingo, just like that it all works. By the way, the second app does not appear under all apps on the desktop - you must go into settings to find it.

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one more thing I just found out: in order to use any DND functions, the DND icon at the top of notifications (a minus sign in a round, black ball) must be greyed out with a strike through it. Otherwise none of the DND functions will work. So many tiny details.

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