Font changed, friend's profile pics now silouettes hi

What phone do you have?

What plan are you on?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Moto 1st Gen. Plan: WiFi only, No data ($10/mo).
I did a cache clean, as my phone seemed to be slowing and memory was getting short, even though I use the cloud (Google drive) for storage.
Afterwards, i couldn’t send an email from my Gmail…it just sat in the Outbox. This is the current problem.
1 - I noticed my white font lettering is now outlined in black (just the headlines for sections in and outside of email).
2 - My contacts mostly have silouettes for their profile pics, but not all of them.
3 - Speed still isn’t up to snuff, but I would mostly like to resolve 1 and 2, and maybe 3 will clean up after them.

  1. You may have enabled High contrast text Accessibility mode.
    From home, tap Apps > Settings > Accessibility > High Contrast Text.

  2. Not sure what u mean here. Contacts in the Dialer normally have a round circle with a Letter in it, unless u set a Contact picture.

  3. This model phone is quite old by now. Its a low end hardware too. Certainly not up to spec for todays apps. The only thing u can really do is to clean the Android system cache, and to remove/disable apps you dont use or run in the background to free up ram and storage space. A Factory Reset to start fresh may help as well. (be sure to backup your pictures etc.)

Hope these help.


I used to see many more profile pictures in my Gmail messages. Mostly silouettes now. Maybe I’m imagining it?
You’re right! I needed more contrast, so didn’t know what to expect. It doesn’t answer why I couldn’t send an email for the better part of a day, though.

Gmail app. I believe Google recently updated it and changed the overall design.
The Gmail webmail (when u access via a web browser) also got a all new design.

Also, there is a difference between the Contacts (phone), that u call. Those are in the Dialer app.
The Gmail (email) app contacts would be different and separate app and service than the Phone Contacts.

I am not sure about not being able to send emails via Gmail app.
I use a different email app TypeMail.

Hi @feetup,

If you’re not seeing your contact’s images and Gmail won’t send, it sounds like the phone is not syncing with Google’s servers. Either you don’t have an internet connection, you’re logged out, sync has been turned off, or something else is blocking the path between your phone and Google.

Thank you for some options I can at least look into! My gmail is working again, but I don’t trust whatever was going on, so I’ll check these facts!

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