Fonts too grey to read after "popular post"


After “popular post” heading in RW community forum, the fonts becomes so light grey that it is very hard to read. I had discussed this topic with Southpa before but she could not fix the system. It is hard to believe being experts but could not fix this small issue. Attached is the screen shot. Why change font quality ?


Hi @haria,

This is not an issue the community will be able to solve for you, but I will try again to find a way to fix that font color. When you wrote before, I could not get a sample with the same coloring, and I was advised it was something specific to your E-mail client. Now, however, I am able to duplicate what you’re describing.


My old eyes have a tough time with the community fonts so I added a high contrast extension to Chrome:

See the difference it makes below:


Thanks Southpaw.

The system is changing the font in the same email. May be one needs to change some setting to maintain the same font color.


Hi @haria,

Our Community is powered by software called Discourse. Much of what you see in Community can be configured by me and other Community “Admins.” The activity summary E-mail has very limited settings that can be adjusted by me. However, the Discourse staff have made a change to the formatting for the mobile view of the “popular posts” section of the Activity Summary E-mail that should make the text much easier to read.

Please let us know what you think when you receive the next one.


That is very nice. I will be looking forward for the next email.



Well. I saw the post today and did not see any change as mentioned by you.

I have attached screenshot taken just now.

Regards, Hari Agrawal

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Thanks @haria,

They explained that they changed the font-weight, but not the color. I’ll let them know you’re not seeing a difference and see if there’s further action.


Great. Dark Black is very good color. Font is just the design.

Regards, Hari Agrawal

“Essentials for success are patience, purity, & perseverance”.


Hi @haria,

Have the “Popular Posts” in the latest Community updates been easier to read?


Yes. Issue is finally fixed after several tries. Thanks.

Regards, Hari Agrawal

“Essentials for success are patience, purity, & perseverance”.