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I have two republic accounts we have 6 phones on these two accounts. One of the phones is no longer being used. I want to change that phone to my sons number (who is on the account) and then close the one phone that we no longer use. How do I go about changing the phone? It is a Samsung it has a sim card and was purchased less than 3 months ago thru republic.

also how do I get a live chat with someone? I cant remember how I have done this in the past. Thanks

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To get to the cleverly hidden Chat operator click on Help at the top of this page. Then scroll all the way down to the place where you open a ticket. Start to open a ticket and if the Chat operator is available the Chat button will appear.

What is the model of the phone that will receive the number on your Son’s phone?

What model phone does your son have now? Is this the phone you will no longer use?

Where does the Samsung fit into this picture? Was it used at one time and then deactivated?

my HUBBY AND I ARE ON ONE ACCOUNT IN MY NAME [name and address redacted]. MY NUMBER IS [number redacted]

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to access chat click the blue “Chat Now” box here Republic Help

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