For those in Winona, MN (SE MN) how is coverage for you?


I’m really interested in Republic wireless, but I’m wondering how the coverage is for my area. For those in SE MN, does Republic Wireless give good coverage for you?

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Hi @Lisaw218
What is your zipcode & closest city you go to ?
Does Sprint or Tmobil work better for you, as they are the brands that are partners with RW.


Lisaw218 one can always look up the wireless coverage for TMobile Republic Wireless cellular tower provider on Sensorly on a 24/7 basis by using the website; it is quite precise, thorough as well as accurate in locating ones nearest cell phone towers on a online map where one lives to reference if it meets their specific wireless coverage potential needs.


It looks like Tmobile works well in my area. Thank you.


Hi @Lisaw218
Well if Tmobile works in your area then any of the GSM phones will work. Then again any of the CDMA/GSM will work too if RW sends out a GSM sim card with a RW store purchase. There are BYOB phones that are all GSM right now but a few of them will be able to be converted to CDMA when RW gets the coding right.


What is GSM and CDMA? I’m interested in buying the Moto G5 Plus phone from RW.


Republic Wireless uses either GSM (T-Mobile), or CDMA (Sprint) carriers to supply cellular coverage. If you buy a phone from Republic Wireless that is capable of using both GSM and CDMA, they will choose the cellular carrier which looks best for your area. Some phones they sell only work on GSM, so you would get GSM (T-Mobile) cellular coverage. The Moto G5 plus is capable of using either GSM or CDMA.

If you buy a phone from a third party, you will get GSM (T-Mobile) coverage. You shouldn’t have to worry about it too much, the order process will take care of things for you.

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