Force apps to SD without rooting?

Hi, I have a Moto G 3rd running Android 5.1.1 and I am trying to figure out how to force apps that will not by default allow you to move them to sd. I followed this entire tutorial to the letter but it didn’t work for me: Install apps to the SD card on an Android phone | Gadget Magazine

Has anyone successfully been able to do this?

Please do not post directions to go to Apps -> Downloaded -> On SD card because that’s not what I am talking about, thanks!

Are you trying to do this using Developer options in settings? Can you find anything newer than a five year old tutorial? Never tried doing this myself but sounds interesting.

That tutorial only works on Android 4.4 or earlier. There’s no way to do what you’re asking without root since then.

No, I couldn’t find a newer tutorial that would do exactly what I wanted… Thanks for the replies:) Do you have a good tutorial on how to do it via root, then? I was a little worried to mess with that since I had read about people bricking their phones attempting to do things that way…


This will move apps to sd for you & is easy to figure out.

AppMgr III (App 2 SD) - Android Apps on Google Play

The apps that don’t move can be disabled if your not using them. Just don’t disable apps that run the phone.

Moto E: Make the most of your phone’s available storage The same principle applies here too.

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Interesting, I couldn’t get that to work on a Moto X running 5.1… It works on the Moto G?

Thanks but I know how to move apps manually, but I am talking about FORCING apps that don’t allow you to move them to be moved with a little work.

Have you tried the app or a similar one as @bocephous suggested? Supposedly they can help move apps that won’t normally move?

Yes, I’ve tried several already, thanks… I’ve tried Apps2SD, Link2SD, Apps Moveable, Force2SD… I really need to move them by coding or perhaps rooting the phone.

Although I can’t say I’ve tried every single option that exists, I’ve tried lots and lots of them and I haven’t found one that works since 4.4 on unrooted phones.

Have you ever rooted a phone to be able to do it?


The only way I know is to root the phone. I don’t understand the need to open the small amount of space you are trying to achieve. You won’t gain much ram forcing movement. These apps are 20mb if you move 10 it’s still only 200mb. Sorry I am not that into phones to grab as much space as possible inside a phone. Maybe you should consider a new phone with larger specs to where you won’t have to root the phone. JMHO

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Yes. It’s been a couple of years though. I used Titanium Backup which has a “Move All User Apps to SD Card” option, or did the last time I checked.

I have never heard of anyone getting Root on a Republic Moto Phone since 4.4.4 (and the Moto G 3rd came with 5.1.1)

both Motorola/Lenovo and Republic will not help in getting past the locked bootloader

No, sorry, I wasn’t clear… Those are the apps I’ve tried to use that are supposed to move apps… Those are not the apps I’m trying to move to the SD card.


Some apps just aren’t moveable!

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Actually that’s a very good point, I missed what phone you have. Root is out. No known method for obtaining root on the Republic G3.

Awww, too bad… Thanks to all for the info, though…

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