Forced into Plan 3.0?

My Moto X (1st generation) is showing some signs of wear and will need to be replaced in the future. Is it true that Republic Wireless no longer sells new phones for those of us who want to remain with Plan 2.0? If so, why? They could at least offer ONE new smartphone for those of us who don’t need a high end device and just want basic smartphone functionality. It seems to me that Republic Wireless just wants to upsell all Plan 2.0 folks to something that many of us really don’t need (Plan 3.0). Switching to Plan 3.0 would mean a 50% increase in the monthly fee. Who wants that?

Hi @wchillman!

Let me start by affirming that would you heard is true. Republic no longer sells phones for unlimited and refund plans. However, this does not mean that you can’t buy them. You can still buy them used (or maybe new?) off of third-party sites like eBay and Swappa.

Seccond, Republic does not offer new phones anymore becuase they are now focussing on adding devices to 3.0. It takes much more time and work than any of us can imagine to bring one phone to 2.0 because of the custom ROM, debugging, etc. They are not a huge company. They don’t have many of the thousands of employees that would be required to roll out multiple devices to multiple different plan formats. Republic has made the hard decision to move away from the Refund plans for 3.0. Therefore, they cannot delegate the time and resources necessary to continue to add new phones to those plans.

Lastly, let me explain a little bit of why refunds are not on 3.0. Republic moved out of the ROM-based system on 3.0. Moving from ROM to SIM based has made it much more difficult to do data refunds since they don’t have total control over the OS. Android 6.0 has also added to these refund difficulties.

Ultimately, Republic is constantly listening to its customers and uses that feedback to mold their plans (which are constantly evolving). Many individuals wanted faster updates, BYOD, and better coverage, and the most efficient way to accomplish this was/is 3.0. Republic made a hard decision when they did away with refund plans, but, combined with the difficulties of bringing refunds to a SIM-based system and the customer feedback they recieved, was the only feasible choice.

I realize that this is disappointing to some, but I hope this gives you a little insight! I can assure you that Republic does here your concerns about the refund plans .


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