Forced to carry a phone for my new Job

I have to carry a company phone (Verizon iPhone 11) for my new job. They want me tethered 24/7.

I do NOT want to carry 2 phones. All my friends and family all use my Republic phone number which I don’t want to give up. I’ve had this same number for almost 15 years. Drs/accounts/everything uses it to communicate with me. If I go on vacations or get fired/quit I want to continue to use the Republic phone. We have 4 phones on this account, I don’t want to transfer the number out to some holding area account.

I know I can forward the voice mails from the Republic App, but:
Can I forward all calls/texts to the new phone?

Hi @daddydave,

Voicemail forwarding is Republic’s version of call forwarding. It’s really call forward on no answer. If one wants the call to forward immediately without first ringing their Republic phone, that may be accomplished by turning the Republic phone off.

There is no way to forward text messages sent to a Republic number to another number. That said, there is an iOS version of Republic Anywhere available. It has its quirks particularly for MMS. It works reasonably well for SMS.

Another alternative would be to use Google’s Messages for Web via Safari on your new iPhone. As with Android, it’s possible to create a home screen shortcut on iOS. The caveat with using Messages for Web on iOS is there is no support in iOS for web app notifications.


Thanks @rolandh, I was afraid of that. Your right, none of the MMS are coming thru Republic Anywhere. It looks like for just simple texts that solution will work great.

You don’t happen to know if there is a problem if the Republic phone (Moto X Gen 1) is turned off for several months at a time do you?

Also I’m not too familiar with the app, but it shows its taking 28% of my battery usage between last night and this morning. But I haven’t used it that much for texting compared to other tools on the phone. That is pretty heavy battery drainage.

This is a known bug when using iOS 13 or later that may or may not get squashed.

Anywhere on the iPhone? I’ve never paid close attention to the percentage used but haven’t noticed its use severely impacting battery life.

I guess its gone up as percentage since I last looked.

I’m going to make sure I swipe away the app after I finish texting, perhaps leaving the app open in background (even if screen is off) drains it more?

I’ve taken my iPhone (currently participating in Republic’s beta) off its charger. We’ll see what I get for results in a few hours.

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@rolandh, I am using the App on and off, but I think I’ve been using gmail far more, now RA is up to 42, and Gmail is only 9%. Is there any way to perhaps manually slow how often it checks to every 15-30 seconds?

Hows your battery usage percentage for RA?

Hi @daddydave,

Anywhere doesn’t even show up for me in terms of battery percentage used. Candidly, I don’t use it much on iOS. Typically, text messaging using my Republic number is done on the Republic phone or Anywhere on my Mac.

If you tap “Show Activity” above the list of apps using your battery, how much time does it show you using Anywhere? How is the overall battery life on the iphone?

I don’t know how the battery life is on these things yet. But it sure blows my old Moto X away because yesterday I charged it to 100% about 11:00am, and last night it was still close to 80% when I put it back on the charger.

I just took it off the charger this morning about an hour ago. I did use it from the bed when I had a few emails and Anywhere texts before I got up and took it off the charger) And it says 28% for Anywhere this morning. (I did text my daughter a few times this AM, and my sister once)

Apparently it says 1 hr 16 minutes, and 15m in background for Anywhere, and for Safari it shows 39 minutes, gmail for 31m, Mail 9m, Connect 8m.

I know I did message my siblings yesterday about my aunts funeral. However I can’t believe I was on the phone over an hour, or anywhere close to that this morning, and it hasn’t been off the charger for an hour yet, so I don’t know how the statistics are collected yet for the iPhone.

Update: @rolandh Since I charged the phone yesterday morning, I have not recharged it, now its been about 24 hours since I removed it from charger and its still at 85% battery level.
Now it shows:
-G-mail at 42% (6m Screen 13m Background),
-Messages 15% (15m on Screen),
-Anywhere at only 10% (6m Screen 4m Background)

So I have no idea how the iPhone determines what it display, or when it restarts the counts. But the Battery is apparently not being excessively drained by Anywhere app like the prior figures led me to believe. Perhaps it had something to do with being within 24 hours of initially downloading and setting up app?

Hi @daddydave,

The percentage of use attributed to a particular app has never concerned me, so long as overall battery life is what I would expect. This is as true on iOS as with Android.

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I wonder if what you saw was the initial syncing of old messages. This can often take hours, even days, if the history is long enough. I know it can eat battery as well (on Android anyway). Once the message database was synced, Anywhere no longer runs in the foreground grabbing data.

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Very possibly @bobgod8 , I had tons of old messages. And today, it doesn’t even show 1% it shows “–” just under the lowest at 1%. And I haven’t charged it in almost 2 and 1/2 days, and it is still at 28%. I’ll charge it tonight.

Check out Pulse SMS. It let’s you use SMS on your computer or other devices based off your primary phone:

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