Forced to play chicken on a 1.0 Plan that will cease to exist in 1 month

Early December I was trying to move from the old 1.0 plan to a 4.0 plan but was stopped by a rep who just decided to refund me the cost of the sim card I purchased (and already had in-hand), since everything was being changed to the new 5.0 plans.

What the rep failed to mention is that IT’S IMPOSSIBLE TO MOVE TO A 5.0 PLAN!! So now I can’t move to a 5.0 plan and the Network which supports my 1.0 plan is getting shut down in about 1 month.

I got to say, Republic Wireless completely dropped the ball on this.

Hello Republic Wireless…do you feel any sense of Urgency here!?

Holy Jesus and Mother Mary, why would you NOT move me to a 4.0 Plan (a network that is not being shut down) while you worked out all the issues with 5.0 Plans!? Was it too logical, did that make too much sense!?

The shutdown date for you is currently March 31, 2022. You’ve still got plenty of time. I can’t imagine that the 5.0 bugs won’t be quashed by then. Maybe they will even offer you an upgrade incentive (that’s what might make me wait until the last minute).