Forum design and Search feature here are awesome!

I just wanted to express my absolute love for the design, function, and search ability of the R.W. web forums.

Having been quite active on dozens of web forums on the Internets over the years, even been a moderator on a few, gotta say, R.W.'s design is the best, in my experience and opinion. So sleek, easy and fast to navigate.

And the SEARCH feature. WOW. It’s so nice that it auto populates possible threads right as u are typing in your terms. It does a far better job locating threads related to what u are looking for than any of the other forums I frequent.

Though, if only more folks would make use the search more often…I can’t tell you how many times on other web forums, that users are slammed, even banned, for posting a duplicate question/thread.

Yes, its a fact, many folks don’t take the few seconds to type in a search…they just want help now and post their question/issue. But I have seen here on R.W. a practice that is very rare - the mods are quick to merge, yes, actually, merge related threads(even individual off topic posts) and keep this place neat and tidy. And none of that harsh slamming treatment. Not to mention the strictest comment filtering system i have seen. (if only YouTube comments were this well moderated) Very very low chance of “Flame wars” happening here.

Keep up the great work R.W.! Big props to the folks that run and make a awesome, well thought out and designed interface for interactions with their users and customers. You are a model company that I wish others took after.

To the users/customers on here… what do you all think of this web forum as compared to others you have used?


Hi @SpeedingCheetah,

Thanks so much for all the kind words. We’re very happy with the platform we’re currently using (Discourse) for all the flexibility it allows. Discourse is also an ever-evolving platform, so improvements are continual.


Yes, it’s very good. And attractive (I’m a shallow form over function type). Have you ever spent any time on the XDA forums? I am usually one to void my warranty as soon as I get a device (bootloader unlocking, rooting), so I love XDA. But they are a vicious group…heaven forbid you should not use search, or ask a question in the wrong place. WOW, they’re mean.


Mmmm, I hate places like that. It’s very uninviting and turns me off in general. That’s definitely not these forums though :wink: . On a different note, we’re you ever active on the old Republic Jive community? It was/is a night and day difference. Jive was terrible in many respects (was horrendous on mobile).


Yeah, I’ve been here since 11/13. I’m still no good at posting links and stuff like the regulars do. Sometimes I feel like I should practice, but someone always comes along with a great idea and lovely links and pictures.

You may want to have a look at this article written by my fellow Ambassador @amitl . You may find it useful!

I was a very active member, Recognized Contributor, (later a secret moderator for a short time) on XDA for a several years. Part of a rom dev group as a beta tester.

{Used to be a very heavy modder, had to to have root, Xposed, Sound mods, and custom roms.
This was all with the phones i had in the past,
But, Phones have drastically changed. Much harder to root and mod. Far more risk of bricking.
I see no need for it anymore, as current Android has implemented many of the “mods” and tweaks that were only available in custom roms.}

XDA is and always was indeed vicious terrible mods and attitudes on there.
Glad I left it.

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