Forward incoming text messages to an email while the phone is off

I am looking for an app or hub where I can forward all incoming text messages to my email. The problem is I can’t find an app that allows me to do this while the device is off. Does anyone know of an app?

Hi @tamis.nitwah,

An app alone won’t be able to forward incoming text messages when the phone is off. For an app to work, the phone would have to be on.

Would using an alternate phone number work? I ask because Google Voice will forward text messages to E-mail, so you could set up a Google Voice number, use it for texting, and have your inbound messages sent to E-mail regardless of the phone’s state.


It has to be an actual phone number attached to a device.

As apps are on a phone if the phone is off there no way for the app to be running so it would not be able to forward a SMS message [this would be true for most carriers as it’s how SMS works]
The Google voice idea has merit as Google does this at the server level where most carriers just send the message to the phone.
Google voice numbers are VOIP like Republic numbers they can be forward to any validated number and cell phone can be made to look like an outgoing call is coming from that number via the Google voice app.
Not sure why it needs to a number tied to an actual device [if it’s due to a service not like ”virtral” number usually means they don’t accept VOIP numbers and will not sent to Republic either]

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Hi @tamis.nitwah,

If you can tell us a little more about what you’re trying to do, we might be able to help better, or you can try the Google Voice approach just to see if it does what you need.

To better explain:
I have a Google Voice number that I give out when businesses ask for my “Home” number.

  • It forwards calls to my RW phone, and provides voicemail that is also sent to my E-mail.
  • It forwards text messages to my RW phone. I can reply to them from the RW phone and the recipient sees the reply from the Google Voice number. There’s nothing complicated about it, I just reply in my normal text messaging app.
  • It also forwards my text messages to my E-mail. That way if my phone is out of service I still see my text messages, and I can log into Google Voice to reply to them.
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