Four Years in the Republic

TL;DR: 4 years on Republic, no regrets.

Member Since: 09/2014
Phone: Moto G3
Plan: 2.0 Refund

While shopping for wireless service, cost was the most important factor. Prices at the Big 4 were simply unreasonable for what I wanted. Then I heard about Republic, and I was skeptical, but I gave it a try.

In the early days, the service wasn’t perfect. Emojis didn’t work, sometimes I needed to type a mysterious refresh code into the dialer, and there were only a couple phones to choose from. There were other minor technical issues that were part of the fact that the Republic software was embedded into the legacy phones. But for the price, I could deal with it.

Republic has come a long way, and on occasion, my phone service even succeeds where others fail: for example, I once made use of tethering on my phone to help someone send an important e-mail–their phone, on Verizon, had no service. Similarly, a friend who always gives me grief over having a budget cell phone plan, complained that her thumbs were getting tired from typing long texts. I said, “I just use a computer” (and Republic Anywhere). “I don’t think my phone can do that,” she said.

What really sets Republic apart, though, is the people. I was on AT&T and Verizon for a decade and never once visited their forums. But over here, I can actually name some Republic employees, at least by their handles. Finally, I participated in the first community challenge, and today I got a handwritten note in the mail from @southpaw along with some goodies.

I came to Republic to save money, but now I have a loyalty that can’t be bought.

Moderator’s note: As of 6/1/2019 we are no longer accepting new applications to the educator discount program mentioned above.


@AUser.Resau Thank you for that fantastic feedback! We’re thrilled that you’re having a great experience with us. We put a lot of energy and heart into giving our members the best possible experience. Here’s to another 4+ years together!

Doc S.
SVP & General Manager
Republic Wireless

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