Fourteen day trial

The Republic Wireless plan is not working for me since I am very rarely around wifi over the summer. I am still on the 14 day trial and would like to know how to receive my money back. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

These might help:

If the phone is activated, you may need to move your number to a new phone first, if you want to keep it that is.


What phone are you using?

Republic can use either one of 2 partner cellular networks (GSM Tmobile or CDMA Sprint), so if you are having a coverage issue, switching to the other network partner may improve your experience.

In the RW app, under About, what is listed as SIM type?

What issues or concerns are you having with your service that makes you say “is not working for me”?

Perhaps the community can help you trouble shoot and solve you issues?

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For me it is simply an overuse of gb since I’m not connected to any wifi and signal is somewhat limited under a metal roof. Thank you for trying to help me though. Other than that there are no complaints on service. Thank you for taking the time to help me.


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