Free Access to 30 Million WiFi Hotspots


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WiFi access and availability have grown significantly over the last decade, with the number of hotspots increasing over 30-fold to nearly half a billion broadcast WiFi hotspots globally. Since the inception of Republic Wireless, we’ve continually provided a better experience over WiFi. We’re taking another step forward today by announcing FREE access to 30 million nationwide Republic Verified WiFi Hotspots. This new feature is designed to help our valued members save even more money each month by reducing their cell data usage when on-the-go. Additionally, for our members on our popular Talk & Text plan, they will now have more seamless access…

How do I get Free Access to 30 Million WiFi Hotspots?

I enabled this when I got the update and it’s automatically connected to several hotspots around town.

I like that I don’t have to click thru to accept the terms and conditions to enable connectivity.


This sounds great! Would there happen to be a way we can identify where these hotspots are? A map of some kind, perhaps?


Well, they use Ipass for the WiFi hotspots so it would be a number of those (probably not all of them). They have a number of interesting partners.


@solonb Yes, we’ve updated the post and it now includes a map. Zoom in to see coverage in your area.


I see the red dots. Thats good to see.
But, they don’t pop up anything when u click them to show what they are, like Starbucks etc.

Is there a way to switch your map over to satellite view to see what building or stores are at the locations marked? When I click to load in Google Maps, the coverage map and red dots are not there.

Edit: I can click on any location on the map, and it does say the address in the upper left, including the red dots, so I can copy and paste that address into Google maps page and see what is there that way, but that is a bit tedious to do.

Interesting that some of the red dots near me show up as a regular residential home.


I’m going to assume that these are folks that have modems from their cable providers and haven’t turned off the public hotspot feature. For instance, we have Xfinity, if I didn’t turn off the “feature” the day the modem came in addition to broadcasting my private wifi it would also be broadcasting an “Xfinity Wifi” node.


Last I read, that “Feature” can not be disabled.

If those red dots are those, then why aren’t their several over my home address, as my apartment complex has over a dozen of them. So does the 2 complexes across the street from me.


With Comcast, it can indeed be turned off:


With Comcast it can:

Perhaps your provider isn’t one that is part of the network. Or they had their residential spots excluded. Or these spots don’t meet some other criteria. Or something else entirely.


They all say “Xfinity WiFi” so they are indeed Comcast router/modems.
Must be only the newest models then that support turning off that feature, as the ones I have setup for folks have no such option. I also was not aware that the current models, u had to login to customers account via the Comcast web portal, and not the modems own GUI web page, to change settings.
Also, the past gen Comcast modems/routers do not lock out the web gui access while on the supposed separate public hotspot wifi. I also could run scans and detect all devices on the customers “private network”.


We have the Arris TG1682G modem/router from Comcast Xfinity. I turned off the Hotspot feature when we got it. It’s been a while, but I think I had to make a call or I did an online chat (I really don’t remember) to have them remotely put the device into bridge mode to turn off the wifi so I could just use my Netgear R7000 router.


How do members access the map with the local hotspots? Is this available in the RW app and or web?

I did see one of my regular WiFi networks at a Publix store was verified per a RW notification for the first time.



Its in the original article in the first post. Scroll down a bit.

EDIT: Found direct link to maps in page source code:

(Moderator’s note: Links to the maps have been updated due to site changes.)


I don’t see it. My screen doesn’t look like that, doesn’t say anything about hotspots.


Hi @scottw.repmi9

This feature does require a 3.0/4.0 device/plan. What phone are you using?.


This feature is only on the newer phones. By chance are you using a Moto X1, X2, G1, G2, E1 or E2?


I have a Moto G3, but still a refund plan, so no luck for me. However, wife and kid have newer phones - I’ll have to check to see if they have this and can enable it.
It is REALLY frustrating to be doing something (i.e. texting, or driving with maps) and have the auto-connect screen come up and try to connect to some random open wifi spot. Pretty sure I turned that off at some point, but it always seems to come back.
‘Seamless’ would definitely be a huge improvement to that experience.


I turned on the Free WiFi Connectivity but all I see is a spinning circle of death. I rebooted my phone and it’s still spinning. I have a Moto G5+.


Hi @edwardl.aj46n7,

The process needs data - access to cellular data, or Wi-Fi, and can take several minutes.

(Edited to correct previous statement that the process requires Wi-Fi).