Free Access to 30 Million WiFi Hotspots


Someone posted the same question while I was restarting. However, nobody foresaw to mention this in the post and it should be updated to reflect this lest others encounter this too…


Great point by @yavanius, I looked and could not find that information.


As posted below, there is a sever load issue with many folks trying to activate this feature currently.
Due to todays email blast on the feature.


Hi @yavanius and @edwardl.aj46n7, and others whose circle won’t stop spinning -

If you wait more than 10 minutes and the circle continues to spin, please open a ticket. Our engineers are working to balance the server load, but we will want to monitor the spinning circles for members impacted as that load levels off.


What I’m seeing is that when I try to enable the feature, I get a brief (less than a second) “spin” circle, and then it just goes back to the switch, which is still off. Is this symptom also due to the servers?


I’m seeing the same thing.


OK, so I’m guessing the best thing to do is try again tomorrow!


I get the very same. I try to activate switch, but id immediately reverts to off. Moto G4 Play


Map??? What Map??? Don’t see No Map…


Yes, @flarewatcher. If everyone could just wait and not try to enable it at the same time, it will definitely be much easier for everyone.


Mine too. I get a quick (less than a second) “spin” circle and reverts back to off.
Is this part of the server load issue or something else?
Moto X Pure


All part of the issue.


How secure are these wifi hotspots?


When I try to enable this feature, it “spins” for a few moments, and then stops with the feature still disabled, and no message whatsoever about why it won’t turn on. Version of Rep App is I would very much like to use this feature since my plan is My Choice T&T with no cell data.


Republic is aware of the issue. From a few posts above yours:

Not turning on at all is related but for those there’s no need to open a ticket. Simply try again tomorrow when the issue should be resolved.


How safe are these “verified” hotspots, and i have an older phone, app 2.1…2311, will this be beneficial to us, loyal old guys?


The feature will not be offered on the older (Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1, E2 and Defy XT) phones.


will it work with the motot e4?


Yes. All but the legacy phones (Moto X1, X2, G1, G3, E1, E2 and Defy XT).


What about security? Will I be opening myself up to hacks if I use these random hotspots?