Free Access to 30 Million WiFi Hotspots


Hey Todd! I just wanted to point out that your Beta Discount will persist across any of our plans so long as your service line with the discount remains active! So there’s no need to worry about losing that discount should you ever consider changing plans :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @yavanius,

This was my mistake. The process requires data - either access to cellular data or Wi-Fi. So those on a Talk & Text plan or those who have used up their cellular data would need to be on Wi-Fi.

Sorry for any confusion, and I hope you’ve been able to enable the feature now.


I just drove across the country and back and NEVER saw a so-called RW hotspot on my phone that has been enabled since day one. How about bringing the coverage map back? BTW, my Moto G4 failed to update as we passed thru time zones, despite setting for auto update and location. I manually set it and then it took two days at home before it reset, despite being turned off at least twice a day because of locking up in Words.
Only thing satisfactory about this phone was the quality of the pictures it took.


This is a great addition by RW, thank you, now how about the addition of a VPN service to go along with it?


Many of us (myself included) like the concept of a VPN. That said, VPNs do tend to introduce sufficient latency so as to force calls from WiFi to cell. That may or may not be a deal breaker.


To give credit, and set the record straight, today I found my first RW site…the icon appeared on an Applebee’s hotspot that I have been using for three and a half years.


Very cool information to know - I just activated mine but I am expecting a new phone so I will have to remember again shortly lol


Is there a way to DISABLE showing or attempting to connect to the Xfinity “hotspots”. In my experience, the vast majority of them I’ve ever used (or tried to use) are less than useless. Weak signals, horrible latency and throughput.