Free data on wifi out of country?

Will data work and be free if on wifi in Belize?

Good evening @erinbot!

Absolutely! You will still have unlimited free data on WiFi. Hope that helps!


if ther WiFi you be using is free then the data you use will be free (some one has to pay for the access and data use but many business and hotels do provide this free of charge

Yes, thank for the additional info. Most of the places we are staying at have wifi included.

Enjoy your trip .

My wife & I will be traveling out of country next month. We have the Moto E, second generation
phones and I understand we will not be able to make calls. Will we be able to send / receive
texts and emails if we have wifi with the phones?

Yes … if the provider of the ‘free WiFi’ does not restrict it (which normally they do not)

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