Free data showed up randomly



Why did random data appear on my wife and daughters phone, we dont have the money if this is a mistake. Can someone please explain.
they both got 100 GB


Samething happened to me. Random 2g’s showed up as data and now my bill looks negative instead of the normal payment.


Hi @josephk.m7d0ex , & @chrisk.vk5vyq
Consider it a gift from RW. They have been giving away free data to customers. There should be a email in the account holders email, if not check the spam folder.


Are you in a Hurricane area? We do try to be helpful to the affected. Did you get an email?


Hi @chrisk.vk5vyq,

Please check your E-mail for an explanation, including the 100GB notification explanation. If you cannot find the E-mail just let me know and I’ll DM you a copy of it.


Your situation is a bit different, if you’d like details please DM me or open a support ticket.

We did not charge our members for these additions of data that they did not request.


Dm’ed you about this issue.


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