FREE JBL SoundBoost Speaker with Moto Z Play purchase!


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Turn your phone into a boombox with just a snap! Make your phone as unique as you are when you buy the Moto Z Play. Starting on 9/17, we are giving you a FREE JBL SoundBoost speaker Moto Mod with the purchase of a Moto Z Play* while supplies last. Read below for the details… Customize your phone in a snap with Moto Mods Moto Mods are interchangeable backs that transform your phone into an entirely new device in a snap. You can add a projector, a gamepad, or even a camera with 10x zoom. We’ll get you started with…


My wife literally purchased this phone this past week, besides returning the phone and purchasing a new one what’s the best way to get the Free JBL SoundBoost Speaker?


Hi @stevend.gmn9w9,

If she purchased from us, please have her open a support ticket to ask that question, and let’s see what we can do.


Thank you, I will have her do that today.

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I am trying to order the moto z play and the JBL speaker isnt showing up at check out. Is there going to be a fix for this.


Hi @lisal.mkd3lc,

We’ll need to look into it first thing in the morning (Monday). Will you see replies addressed to you here once it’s fixed, or would you like us to open a support ticket on your behalf to let you know?


I can see replies here thank you.


Great. I’ll do my best to respond here once a solution is confirmed. Thank you for letting us know it isn’t working.


thank you

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Please check my order I just made to include the JBL as well. Otherwise I’ll need this cancelled. Thank you.


Hi @tracyr,

If the JBL speaker was not in the cart, it won’t be included in the order.

Could you please open a support ticket, so we can see how we might be able to solve this for you?


Good morning @lisal.mkd3lc,

The promotion is now working again, and the promotional item should now appear in your cart when you add the phone.


The promotion seems to be working but the price went up by 50 dollars. It is also out of stock now I am sad.


Hi @lisal.mkd3lc,

I’m still seeing the Moto Z Play at $399, and available.


So confusing in one click it changed back to normal but in the confusion I ordered it in white and needed it in black lol


Should I open a support ticket?


The color is not selectable for the promotion.


So sad oh well.


Sorry, @lisal.mkd3lc, I had to step away from my computer. @louisdi is correct, and a support ticket would not allow us to change the color of the speaker.

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