Free Moto X (1st Gen)

Hello community,

I have a Motorola Moto X, first generation phone that I can send for free to someone who needs it (just pay me for shipping, Im in Jersey City so if you wanna pick up thats fine too).

I used to use the phone with Republic Wireless, the sim is still in the phone. I have upgraded long ago to other phones, and I recently found this one in a box while cleaning up. The phone works, battery is excellent (I turned it on and it turned on, despite me having not used it for probably more than a couple of years…amazing). The only issue I remember is that photos from the main camera have a small barely noticeable mark that comes up. I think theres a little crack in the camera, but its literally a tiny scratch that shows up in the photos and you only notice it if you are looking for it.

Maybe someone wants to give it to their kid as a first phone, or has some use for it. Id be happy to send it to you if you pay for postage. Can also send you photos of the exterior too (it has signs of pretty heavy usage) if you give me your email address.

And no this is definitely not any kind of scam. If you want it, its yours, can send me postage via Venmo or PayPal.


Hi @akroor and welcome to the Republic Wireless Community!

Unfortunately Republic does not allow phones to be sold via the Community forum.
But, here is a link to a page that will explain how to do what you’re trying to do :slight_smile:
Buying and Selling Used Republic Wireless Phones

Added: Places like eBay or Swappa have been recommended as sites to buy and sell older RW phones

Im not trying to sell it, Im trying to give it away for free.

My email is [redacted] if anyone wants a free phone.

Moderator’s note: E-mail address removed so we don’t make the spammers/scammers happy. Please contact the OP by Community Message instead.

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Hi @akroor,

This is very kind of you, and thank you for thinking of the Republic Wireless Community.

If you find someone to take you up on the offer, we’ll take care of the postage.


You may also want to consider donating it to a local family shelter or a veterans organization. Just a thought


The phone has been claimed! Cheers!

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