Free Spam Blocking App

I use the free Hiya App to block spam. It works great, check it out.

Hi @ridgeline,

Welcome to our Member Community, and thanks for taking the time to tell us about an app that’s working well for you.

What kind of phone are you using it on? What features does it offer that made it the best choice for you?

I’m using the app on a Moto X 2nd generation. Tomorrow I’m supposed to receive a moto Z3 play so we’ll see if the app works as well on that phone. The Hiya app will block any type of phone number including all kinds of spam of course. The app also allows you to report when you get a Spam call so that others don’t have to have the hassle of the phone call actually coming through. Telemarketers have really gotten sophisticated if you will by using our local telephone numbers to make their calls somehow. But as I said with the app you can block and Report those calls and save other people the hassle.

This is where a crowd-sourced app differs from the Spam-blocking feature you’ll find on the Republic app on your new phone (being discussed here). While it seems like a good idea to be able to block these neighbor-spoofing calls, you (the “crowd”) are actually blocking normal, local household and business numbers that the spammer is just using for a day or so. Your own number could easily be blocked this way, preventing you from being able to reach others in your area.

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