"Freezing" account still an option?


Hello fellow RWers.

I’m going overseas and would like to “freeze”/pause/temporarily deactivate (can’t think of the right word) my account for a month…if that’s still an option.

I could do that with my previous plan but not seeing that option right now. Did RW do away with it?


Hi @juventino,

To the best of my knowledge freezing or temporarily suspending a Republic account has never been possible. With older Republic phones, there is the option of the $5/month WiFi only plan.

It would help the Community better help you if we knew brand, model and generation of your current Republic phone. Knowing your current plan would be useful as well. Please open the Republic app and quote, for us, what is said for that plan underneath your phone number?


Current phone/plan: Moto G4 Play, Clear Choice Plan

Temporarily suspending account was an option before back when we could also get credit for unused data.


Not in my experience. I believe Republic made exceptions on some occasions for military service members but otherwise, I believe you’re incorrect about that.

Anyway short of something like that, no such option exists with your current phone and plan. The least expensive Republic plan that works with your phone is $15. You could save yourself a few dollars by transferring the number to a number parking service, then reactivating service when you return and finally bring back the number from the parking service. The most reasonably priced number parking service I know of is NumberBarn and it would run you at a minimum $7 for the first month and $2 per month thereafter. I’ll leave it to you to decide if the hassle is worth $8, since you mentioned being out of the country for a month.

On the other hand, your new Republic 3.0 phone is likely capable of using a local (in country) SIM for cellular service where you’re traveling. This was not possible with older Republic phones. Otherwise, like older Republic phones, it will work when on unrestricted WiFi as it does here at home. Some details here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.


Thanks for the info, @rolandh.

Nowadays, can we still change our plan twice a month for free?


Sorry to say that’s also not an option with Republic’s Clear Choice plans. For what it’s worth, it wasn’t an option with Republic’s refund plans either. It was part of an even older plan structure now known as 1.0.

What you can do is downgrade your Clear Choice plan to the $15 option, however, please know the change won’t be effective until your next bill cycle date. This is also a feature shared by Republic’s Clear Choice and refund plans.

Guidance for changing your plan from Republic here: How to Change Your Plan on a 3.0 Phone – Republic Help.


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