Frequent Dropped Calls Since Upgrading to G Power

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Issue Description

My calls drop frequently ever since I replaced my Moto X4 with the Moto G8 Power. I notice this most often at home when connected to Wi-Fi, although it has happened a few times around town on cell service. Also worth noting that nearly every call I have made in the past two months has been from home, so outside data points are limited.

At home I have gigabit fiber with the new Google Nest Wifi with one Nest Point for the mesh network. When I run a Republic diagnostic test everything comes back green.

When I am on a call, my phone will give a double beep and the call is gone. Sometimes this will happen 3-4 times in the course of a 5 minute conversation. Often disabling wifi on my phone helps, but I can’t remember to do this everytime I start to make a call, and I usually forget to turn wifi back on when I’m done. I did not have this issue on my MotoX4, in the same place with the same WiFi network and same apps on the phone.

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