Frequent Dropped Calls Since Upgrading to G8 Power

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Moto G8 Power
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Annual Billing with 1gb/month
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Issue Description

My calls drop frequently ever since I replaced my Moto X4 with the Moto G8 Power. I notice this most often at home when connected to Wi-Fi, although it has happened a few times around town on cell service. Also worth noting that nearly every call I have made in the past two months has been from home, so outside data points are limited.

At home I have gigabit fiber with the new Google Nest Wifi with one Nest Point for the mesh network. When I run a Republic diagnostic test everything comes back green.

When I am on a call, my phone will give a double beep and the call is gone. Sometimes this will happen 3-4 times in the course of a 5 minute conversation. Often disabling wifi on my phone helps, but I can’t remember to do this everytime I start to make a call, and I usually forget to turn wifi back on when I’m done. I did not have this issue on my MotoX4, in the same place with the same WiFi network and same apps on the phone.

RW does not support the Moto G8 Power phone which is an international version. Perhaps you mean the Moto G Power which is the North American version?

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