Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for the Extend Home Adapter

Q: Does my Extend Home Adapter integrate with my current home phone service?
A: No, the Extend Home Adapter extends your Republic cell number to home handsets. In order to have both an existing home number and your cell number ring you at home you would either need to have a 2-line phone or a second handset. It is not possible to have both the Extend Home adapter and existing home phone service connected to the same single line handset at the same time.

Q: Does my Extend Home adapter have its own phone number?
A: No, the Extend Home adapter shares the number of the Republic Wireless My Choice phone with which it is associated.

Q: What type of phone can I use with Extend Home?
A: Any analog home phone set that supports touch tone dialing will work with the Extend Home adapter. No rotary dial phones please!

Q: Is the Extend Home Adapter wireless?
No. The adapter must be connected to your network via an ethernet cable.

Q: Can the Extend Home Adapter have more than one phone number on it?
No. Each Extend Home Adapter can only extend the number of a single Republic Wireless cell.

**Q: Can I pay for service but not have a Republic Cell phone?
A: No, you can not. Extend Home is a feature of Republic’s cell phone service and requires that you have an active Republic Wireless cell phone.

Q: How do I call my home phone from the associated Republic Cell?
A: Simply call your own number and the phone connected to the Extend Home will ring.

Q: How do I call my cell phone from the Extend Home?
A: Simply call your own number and the cell phone will ring.

Q: How do I set the Voicemail PIN for my Extend Home?
A: As the Extend Home is simply an extension of your associated Republic Wireless cell phone, it uses the same Voicemail PIN (and accesses the same Voicemail box) as your cell phone. If you have not set-up a Voicemail PIN for your phone you can do so following the directions here:

Q: How do I check my voicemail from the Extend Home?
A: Simply dial *98 and you’ll access the voicemail box which is shared with your associated Republic Wireless cell phone

Voicemail commands:

  • Press 1 to play a message again
  • Press 7 to delete a message
  • Press 9 to save the message

Q: How do I block my phone number from showing on the recipients caller ID?
A: Dial *67 followed by the number you wish to call

Q: How do I easily call back the last person who called me?
A: Dial *69

Q: How do I disable call waiting so an important call will not be interrupted?
A: Dial *70 followed by the number you wish to call

Q: How do I make a 3-way call from my Extend Home phone?
A: After you’ve made the initial call, if your phone has a “flash” key, hit it and you’ll hear a dial tone. Dial your second call. Once the second call has been picked up, simply hit the flash button and you and the other parties will be connected together. If the call to the second party isn’t answered, simply hang up. Your phone will ring and when you pick it up you’ll be back to the first call. --If your phone does not have a “flash” button instead simply press and release the button on the base that hangs up the call when you put the phone down.

Q: How do I answer the call waiting beep on my Extend Home phone?
A: If your phone has a “flash” button, simply press it and you will be switched to the new call. When done, press the “flash” button again to get back to your original call. If your phone does not have a “flash” button instead simply press and release the button on the base that hangs up the phone when you put the phone down.

Q: Can I keep my home phone from ringing when my cell phone gets calls?
A: The design of the system is that your phone connected to the adapter will ring any time your cell phone does. The only way to do this would be to turn the ringer off on the home phone or unplug the phone from the adapter. Of course, this would also prevent calls from your cell phone to the home phone from ringing.

Q: What does the blinking light with the phone symbol on the adapter mean?
A: A slowly-blinking light means that you have a voicemail message waiting. A rapidly-blinking light means the Extend Home line is in use.

Q: What does it mean when the “internet” light is blinking on the adapter?
A: This simply means that data is passing through the internet interface of the adapter and is a normal part of operation.

Q: When I pick up the home phone the dial tone “stutters”. What does this mean?
A: A stuttered dial tone indicates that you have a voicemail waiting.

Q: If I block a number using my phone’s number blocking, will it also block calls to the Extend Home adapter?
A: No, on-phone blocking is local to the phone and doesn’t impact what calls will come through to your Extend Home adapter.

Q: Does Republic’s spam blocking also block calls coming to the Extend Home adapter?
A: Yes! You can follow the directions here on your associated Republic Wireless cell phone to be sure you have spam blocking turned on:

Q: Can I send/receive faxes through my Extend Home adapter?
A: No.

Q: Can I transfer a call from my Extend Home to my cell or vice-a-versa?
A: No


Does my cell phone need to be turned on or out of airplane mode, to use the corded phone + Extend Home Adapter?

I’m looking to touch my cell phone less, but I’m also not willing to get rid of it. And I don’t want anything complicated, for using a corded phone again. I’d like to have only the one phone number and use my land line when I’m at home, while my cell phone is off or in airplane mode.

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The phone can be off, on, on airplane mode, at the bottom of the ocean, destroyed, etc. As long as your service is active the state of the cell phone doesn’t matter.




Hi RW crew!

I’m excited to have a home phone because I’d like there to be a way for others in my household (kids!) to be reachable by phone besides my cell or my partner’s cell.

But I don’t want those calls to ring to my cell phone – especially as my kids grow up and get more and more calls.

So I’m thinking the Extend Home adapter might not be the solution. Am I right?

It is not currently the solution for what you’re looking for. There are products on the market that do what you want like Ooma or MagicJack.


A good choice

@lanya, there’s also the option of pairing Google Voice with an Obihai device though out of the box that lacks 911.

VoIPO is another possibility. VoIPO’s service includes 911.

If I’m not at home and have my cell phone with me, can a person at home make a phone call from the other phone?

Yes. The extend home adapter operates as its own line, using your cell phone number.

Could you use it to send faxes out?

Hi @matthewh.vgsint,

It might work, however, is not a supported use (meaning if it doesn’t work one shouldn’t count on Republic making it work). Generally, when using an ATA for faxing (Republic’s Extend Home Adapter is an ATA), shorter faxes will sometimes work.


First, thanks to louisdi for the FAQ. The first question went farther to answering my questions than pretty much all of the material Republic has put out, and certainly more than Republic included in today’s advertising email.

Some further questions:

  1. Will the Extend system work with a base unit with handset and (up to) four separate handsets?

  2. If yes, and the base unit contains an answering machine, will the answering machine need to be turned off or set to answer only at a very high number of rings so calls will go to Republic voicemail?

  3. For those of you using Extend who have a spouse with his/her own cell phone, how do you manage the system? one person just doesn’t get to use the handset phones? a second Extend adapter with a different base and handsets plugged into it? Something else?

  4. Does anyone maintain the existing landline because of better reception/battery backup/need to control an alarm system? If so, how did you set up your landline/ Extend/Extend times two system?


Yes, I have a cordless home phone set with 4 handsets connected to mine.

We’ve turned off the answering machine on ours to be sure the Republic voicemail picks up

My wife has no interest in her cell phone number being extended to home handsets, so no issue here.

I got rid of my landline, which wasn’t really a landline as it was provided by my internet provider. There are so few actual landlines left.


Yeah, mine isn’t really a true landline either, but rather a VOIP line provided very inexpensively by the ISP as part of a bundle. There is only battery backup if you add your own UPS to the phone part of the system. Power outages aren’t a problem here, surprisingly. The problem is the whole ISP’s system going down over a wide area, and that happens more often than I’d like.

But because the phone line is very inexpensive, using it to connect my alarm system to the monitoring station is about the same cost as a cell system in the attic, so inertia is a pretty good reason not to change, as dumping the phone line would raise the cost of the remaining parts of the bundle.

And the existing system bypasses the modem and the router, so that’s a bit of a reliability advantage compared to Extend.

Your response was really helpful. Might be worth adding to your FAQ, at least the first two answers.


I don’t have a Extend Home adapter (yet) but I note that the Grandstream HT801 documentation says that the adapter has specific support for faxes. I’m assuming that this is a Grandstream HT801… am I wrong?.. perhaps somewhat modified?
I really want fax support so i’m wondering if anyone has actually tried this with a Home Extend adapter…?

Faxing is not supported. Just because the hardware supports it, doesn’t meant the provider (in this case Republic) has enabled the specific protocol (which is different than for voice) that is required to make faxes work reliably. Can you try it? Sure. May it work? It may, especially for short faxes, but it is unlikely to be reliable and Republic will not provide support or troubleshooting to get it to work.

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How do we transfer a call from the extend home handset to our cell phone, if need be? I’m always hanging up on people when I try to do that, because my cell’s speaker is better.

You can not transfer a call.

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I don’t have Extend Home, but because a user can call from one to the other is it not possible to add them together … maybe not now, but perhaps in the future?

I have positively no idea what may be possible in the future but in my testing trying to “transfer” a call via 3-way calling doesn’t work because when the originator hands up, the call terminates.

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