Friends can't call me


Every time my friend tries to call me from her home phone it says I am not available to take her call. This happens every day. She then has to text me from her cell phone and have me call her at home.


This might be a routing problem with your friend’s home phone provider, especially if you are receiving calls from other people. If this is the case I’d first suggest your friend open a service ticket with her provider. If that fails you can open a ticket with RW and they can open a carrier ticket with the other carrier. If in fact this is a routing problem know that it takes a while for the providers to work this out.


Hi @judiths.dxxj5d,

Might we have a bit more information? What exactly does your friend hear? Is it, “the Republic Wireless member you have called is not available”? If so, that is Republic’s standard voicemail greeting and your friend’s call isn’t being routed incorrectly.

Additional information that would help Community to better help you is what is the brand, model and generation of your phone? Are you experiencing this issue when your phone’s on WiFi, cell or both? If WiFi only, is it a specific WiFi network or all WiFi networks?

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This is a new phone for me. My old phone was no problem. This is a Moto Android. Don’t understand why she gets that message that I am unavailable to accept her call. My other friends call from their cell phones and I always get theirs.


Hi @judiths.dxxj5d,

@billg may be correct regarding a possible call routing issue, however, the Community needs more information in order to try to assist. I’m trying to determine if your friend’s call is going to voicemail without ringing your phone. That’s not possible unless, you’re willing to share word for word what your friend hear’s when she calls you.

Republic supports multiple Moto Androids, so we’ll need more detail on that as well. Please open the Settings app on your phone, then scroll to About phone. What is said for the following:

Android version:

The Community is an excellent resource with many fellow members willing to help, however, we have no access to any information other than what you share. If you’d prefer to work with Republic staff, please raise a help ticket when signed into your Republic account here: Republic Help.

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Hi Judith,

This perfectly describes a routing problem. Your friend should open a ticket with her phone company. If she doesn’t get satisfaction you should open a ticket with RW giving them your friend’s telephone number. They will take it from there.



It also potentially perfectly describes using the setting in one’s contacts app to route a call to voicemail without ringing one’s phone. We need more information to provide effective guidance.


Yes, that is true, but from what @judiths.dxxj5d described doesn’t sound like the message I get when I call an RW subscriber and the call goes to voice mail


Republic’s default voicemail greeting is:

Sounds reasonably similar to me, which is why I asked for clarification.


She tried four times today. Three on home phone and once on cell. Each time it said The person you are calling is not accepting calls at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience. I don’t have any missed calls listed on my phone.


If it said “The Republic Wireless” instead of “The Person” then @rolandh would be correct that the flag in her contact list entry was set to send her calls directly to voice mail but in this case her phone company needs to fix their routing. :


She says it says the person. Doesn’t mention Republic Wireless. Also has called from her home phone and her cell phone, which are from two different companies.


In that case open a service ticket with RW. Give them both of her phone numbers and be sure to tell them she is the only person that can’t call you. She is dialing all 10 digits, right?

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