Fringe Coverage recommendations

My address is [redacted], Amherst, CO 80721, we are just inside the closest towers limit (Haxtun, CO).

All the rest of the coverage area is 2g.

Do newer phones even support 2g service anymore?

Would you recommend joining this service?

We would have 3 phones.

T Mobile is canceling our service due to roaming in the near future.

Please Advise



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You are in roaming territory for both Republic Wireless GSM (T-Mobile) and CDMA (Sprint) cellular partners. I wouldn’t recommend Republic Wireless in your situation.

from the looks of it you are in a roaming area for both the GSM network (T-Mobile) and the CDMA Network)


Coverage Check GSM | Republic Wireless Coverage Check CDMA | Republic Wireless

when this is the case all you will have is a Talk and Text plan (there no Roaming data on Republic 3.0)

or on a legacy 2.0 phone very expensive data (18.3 x $0.0146 ~= $0.27 per MB)

you may be better off looking for an Verizon based MVNO (removing AT&T as Cricket has no coverage there)

I second a Verizon MVNO. Take a look at Total Wireless. No Contract Cell Phones | Prepaid Smartphones | Total Wireless

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