Frustrated New Phone is Broken


I received my new Moto G6play yesterday. After jumping through several hoops to set it up I got to the last part. Activate your phone. I did that. the phone proceeded to flicker the Motorola logo on and off for hours. shutting off some times and rebooting. I remembered having similar problems during all the down loading stage too. I have come to the conclusion that my power button on the BRAND NEW phone is stuck. My question is. Why am I not refunded my shipping fees when I return the broken phone? This seems like a new scam to me. Sell broken stuff charge a bunch for shipping then keep the shipping fees. Im sorry but yes I am very frustrated. Been with republic since the beginning. Yes I was a beta tester and this is just not right no matter weather your a new customer or been here since the beginning. I have 5 lines of service active right now through republic. Is there any recourse?


Hi @brettw.wgpqbw,

I’m very sorry to hear of the circumstances, however, would like to assure you there is no scam involved here. The returns process generally is aimed at folks who wish to return a phone because they’ve decided they simply don’t want it for one reason or another.

A defective phone is an entirely different matter. Have you gone ahead and raised a help ticket with staff? If not, the place to start is when signed into your Republic account here: Tickets | Republic Wireless. I’m confident Republic would very much like the opportunity to sort this particularly for a long-time member like yourself.

Additionally, if you haven’t already given it a shot, I suggest a factory reset. It may or may not help but, if nothing else, you’ll want to remove personal information from the phone.


THANK you very much for your reply. I have started a help ticket. the response did not indicate any likelihood of a reimbursement for shipping. Also if this is a software issue I would attempt the reset. The power button is malfunctioning and it just turns itself on and off. when I attempt to do anything it just shuts down and restarts. the button seems to be permanently engaged it doesn’t click at all. I hope that your right and republic will stand by the product and the long term customer and at least send me the next phone with free shipping. at this point I have to have a phone.


Hi @brettw.wgpqbw,

I haven’t been with Republic for as long as you have (December 2014 for me), however, Republic has always treated me fairly. Perhaps, in the desire to resolve the situation for you, the shipping issue isn’t foremost in the agent’s mind. If not already done, when you feel it’s appropriate in the context of the ongoing conversation, I suggest raising the issue. I’m confident Republic will listen respectfully and work with you to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Regarding the factory reset suggestion, candidly, I don’t expect doing so to resolve the issue. That said, generally, the manufacturer requires it be tried prior to establishing a warranty claim. More to the point, you’ll want to get any personal information off the phone before ultimately shipping it back.