Frustrated - Thinking of going elsewhere



My wife has used Republic Wireless for a few years now but has had two persistent issues:

  1. She doesn’t always receive every text in a group message (MMS). She does receive individual MMS and SMS. Not always. Just frequently. No rhyme or reason to who’s message she misses or how frequently.
  2. Frequent missed calls. Most typically when on Wifi. No missed call notification. Just goes straight to voicemail if I call.

We’ve had support cases in the past and tried the reset codes via the phone app, upgraded her phone last year to a Moto G 3 hoping to fix it. Now I’m stuck on a refund plan which is more expensive than the current plans.

I see the Moto G 3 is a 2nd Gen phone for Republic. If I can be guaranteed that the issues will go away. Unfortunately I’m not sure anyone can guarantee this. Recommendations for the best phone? I’m tired of having to upgrade every year or so.

Does anyone have ideas? I like the idea behind Republic and love the price. she’s not interested in tons of troubleshooting and I’m sick of hearing complaints. Can I resolve this somehow?


Hi @brianm.bcioen!

I am sorry to hear of your issues. That’s definitely not the experience Republic wants it’s customers to have! Is it possible that you live near an area with poor coverage? That could explain the missed calls going to voicemail as well as missing some of the texts. If that’s the case, than you may be able to get better coverage using Republic’s third generation devices. Republic has progressively gotten better with each generation of plans. That being said, 3.0 is an improvement from 2.0. With 3.0, Republic has added a new cellular partner with better coverage.

I don’t think anyone can gurantee you that you won’t experience any issues at all. However, if you do run into issues that are not satisfactorily resolved by the community or Republic support, Republic does offer a 14 day money-back guarantee. That is, if you buy the phone from Republic and don’t like it, you can return it for a full refund.



While I’m as enthusiastic as you about Republic 3.0 and prefer the GSM technology offered by the new cellular partner, saying that partner definitively offers better coverage might be overstating things a bit. Coverage quality whether provisioned with Republic’s GSM partner or with its’ CDMA partner Sprint is entirely location dependent. I’d suggest anyone considering Republic 3.0 as a solution to what may be coverage issues look here first:

If @brianm.bcioen is comfortable sharing his zip code with us, Community might offer more meaningful assistance. Meanwhile (though it sounds as if he may have already tried them), Republic’s self-help troubleshooting might help the current experience:


For the text issues… you might consider switching to Republic Anywhere as the default text app and see if that provides you a better texting experience.


I don’t know that anyone can guarantee the problems your wife is having with her phone will go away on Republic 3.0 with a new phone. My wife had texting issues on Republic Wireless (members of her work group are text maniacs) and I moved her to another provider. This was ~2 years ago. Republic Wireless has definitely improved, and if you want to give it a go with a 3.0 phone, have at it. If I were going to recommend a phone it would be a Moto G5 Plus. It’s one of the newest phones in the Republic Wireless phone portfolio, and is spec’d very nicely (and if it doesn’t work out on Republic Wireless, you can take it to almost any other carrier).


I second this recommendation. Anywhere fixed 99% of my texting issues.


I will absolutely switch her to Republic Anywhere tonight. Must not have been an option when we last brought up this issue. Thanks!


Exactly. Republic’s GSM partner does have more coverage than their CDMA partner overall. However, individual coverage does depend on the location.


It was in beta for a while… the official release happened last month


My zip code is 46307. Very open to suggestions.

Looking at the CDMA map, we are near a ‘Talk + Text w/ Data Roaming’ area at home but have an extremely powerful Wifi AP so we’ve got much of the block covered. In my Wife’s work location she is much further into the 4G shading and on Wifi as well.
The GSM map does look much stronger throughout our area. Perhaps worth a try.

I suppose if the text issues are resolved by Repulic Anywhere app but there’s still cell performance issues, we can upgrade to a new phone.

Regarding phones:
I can’t afford a flagship like the S7. Is the Moto G5 Puls about my best bet?
I know they keep releases secret but are we about due for a new round?



I don’t know about that claim. I can find sources in favor and against. What I will say is where Republic’s GSM partner has one covered (and that’s in a lot more places than in the not too distant past), the network is a superior experience for me.

I’ll leave it to Republic’s respective carrier partners’ marketing departments to argue about whose network covers more people. :slight_smile:


You can also put Republic Anywhere on your PC. If you do this, it will be interesting to see if the problems persist from that platform.

I done most of my messaging from my PC for the past several months (I was involved in the beta test) and have not missed a single message. One of my granddaughters is in Europe where she is using Anywhere on her Moto X (2nd Gen) on the legacy $5.00 plan. We have messaged quit a bit without a hitch.


Hi @brianm.bcioen,[quote=“brianm.bcioen, post:11, topic:10463”]
My zip code is 46307.

Crown Point, IN, correct?[quote=“brianm.bcioen, post:11, topic:10463”]
Looking at the CDMA map, we are near a ‘Talk + Text w/ Data Roaming’ area at home but have an extremely powerful Wifi AP so we’ve got much of the block covered. In my Wife’s work location she is much further into the 4G shading and on Wifi as well.
The GSM map does look much stronger throughout our area. Perhaps worth a try.

I’m looking at Republic’s CDMA partner’s map here: CDMA coverage seems reasonably robust there to me, which isn’t terribly surprising given Crown Point is a suburb of Chicago.

Since its’ contract with its’ GSM partner precludes Republic from naming said partner, I’ll refrain from pointing you to their map. That said, I’ve looked at it and coverage also seems reasonably robust. One thing to keep in mind when assessing coverage for Republic’s GSM partner is signal strength is critical. Where one has good to excellent coverage the experience is generally a quality one. When Republic’s GSM partner refers to its’ own coverage as fair, the coverage experience tends not to be a good one. Republic’s GSM coverage map isn’t sufficiently nuanced to ascertain signal strength.

Fortunately, I find Republic’s coverage check tool to be mostly accurate and it suggests (to me) that coverage with either cellular partner in Crown Point should be good.[quote=“brianm.bcioen, post:11, topic:10463”]
I suppose if the text issues are resolved by Republic Anywhere app but there’s still cell performance issues, we can upgrade to a new phone.

My view is the least disruptive solution is often the best. I concur trying Republic Anywhere is a worthwhile first step in attempting to improve your wife’s Republic experience. Your initial post suggests you’ve already tried some if not all of this but have you worked your way through all of Republic’s self-help troubleshooting here:

If Anywhere doesn’t solve the messaging issues, some additional self-help troubleshooting here might help:

Troubleshooting Texting Issues – Republic Help[quote=“brianm.bcioen, post:11, topic:10463”]
Regarding phones:
I can’t afford a flagship like the S7. Is the Moto G5 Puls about my best bet?
I know they keep releases secret but are we about due for a new round?

If a new phone would be appealing to your wife, I think the G5+ is an excellent choice delivering a lot of bang for one’s buck. Even better, it’s capable of being provisioned for either of Republic’s cellular partners. In other words, should the G5+ arrive provisioned for one of Republic’s partners and that coverage not work well, there would be options for improving the experience including the possibility of switching the provisioning on the phone to Republic’s other cellular partner.

Lastly, my personal opinion, is we’re due for new phones sooner rather than later. Please understand, at best, this is speculation on my part based on the fact that manufacturers traditionally release new phones to market around this time of year. My opinion is in no way based on inside information for I have none.


Hi @brianm.bcioen,

Although I’m dismayed to find you have been frustrated to the point of possibly leaving, I’m glad you posted here and I’m very pleased to see that our Community has given you a lot of good advice.

Please let me know whether things improve with the Anywhere app. We have been investigating some text message delivery exceptions in earnest lately, and I would like to make sure your situation goes to the team doing that investigation if the problem does not improve with the Anywhere app. However, I do understand when another member of the family does not want to participate in troubleshooting.

If, however, you determine that texting is improved with the Anywhere app (be sure to test it on your computer, as well), and you decide to upgrade the phone, please let me know that as well, as I’d like to follow up with you a bit more before you place an upgrade order.


Thanks for the post. I will do my best to keep the thread updated and update if we go for another device.

Call issues were BAD this morning. I’d call her (from both AT&T and Google Voice and it’d ring 1.5 times and go to Voicemail. Subsided later in the day or after a reboot. I got busy at work and didn’t test right after a reboot.
Edit: I had to text her a couple times to call me. She was able to call no problem but I couldn’t call back.

Thank you for you’re very useful post.


Assuming Wikipedia is correct, I’m in Excelent GSM coverage should we upgrade devices. For Sprint CDMA, I’m ‘Best’ on their map

I previously exhausted that and do have an open support ticket regarding this as well. Figured I’d get the community take too.

I switched her to Anywhere tonight and so far she didn’t miss a message in a staged test. Haven’t gotten a conclusive response from my test Verizon users yet.
Tested from AT&T, and Google Voice for Group text, images, emojis. Got an emoji from Verizon but is was an angry face so not sure they’ll participate any further :smiley:

I’m going to hold out on a new device as long as I can in hopes of new versions / not having to replace a phone that’s only a year old unless the issue really persists. I’ll keep updated here if there are developments .with support as well.


I have a Samsung J3 and have also had issues with calls going to voicemail with no notifications.Often, I am sitting right next to the phone.Seemed to have started last month.



Did you by chance open a case with support?
Any idea if you’re able to receive text messages or make calls when it happens? My Wife is able to.

Support has asked that we do the following when it happens again (assuming within Wifi signal as well as Mobile:

  • Put phone into Airplane mode
  • Re-enable Wifi
  • Test again receiving / making calls

Their analysis of logs leads them to believe it happens to her primarilly when connected to the mobile network vs. Wifi. The most prevalent issue recently she was on Wifi though.


One thing I did that made the “calls going straight to voicemail” problem go away, was to install Network Analyzer (free on Windows Store) on my laptop, and then walk around my property slowly with my laptop in hand as it scanned for all the wi-fi signals hitting my home. Once I saw that I was being hit by five different wi-fi signals which were overlapping with mine, I adjusted the channel preference on my router to go to a frequency nobody else was using. Since then, perfect call fidelity, clarity, and quality. And no more dropped calls that go straight to voicemail. Moreover, all other wireless devices I own (a Roku 3 and a WDTV Live) work flawlessly over wi-fi.

So be sure that your wi-fi signal is not interfering with your neighbors’ signals.

As far as group texting, Anywhere fixes all that. The old “Messenger” app stunk for group texts. Upgrade to Anywhere and that will go away. Also, Anywhere is tremendous as a desktop app while you work (if you have a desk job).

Good luck.


Also, for what it’s worth, I only use about 250 MBs of non-wifi data per month, so my bill is only $23 with taxes. Compared to what I was paying VZW before coming to RW, I’m willing to live with app funkiness and occasional call drops… (Incidentally, I’m saving over $75/month with RW!).


I’m reading the recommendations to switch to RW Anywhere for texting, and am wondering if anybody can explain for me why the Anywhere app should be more reliable than other RW approved textinig apps? I’m not saying that it couldn’t be, but am just wondering why it might be? I have not tried Anywhere, but have tried multiple other texting apps (currently using Textra) and texting has always been only semi-reliable. SMS between myself and one other person is fairly reliable. SMS between multiple people is somewhat less reliable. And MMS fails randomly and with enough frequency to be an annoyance. I’m ok with trying Anywhere, but would like some explanation as to why I might find it more reliable? Other than the fact, I suppose, that it was written by RW so may work with their RW app better?

I also have random missed calls that go straight to VM, like the original poster is experiencing. But this has been the case with all of my RW phones, from 1.0 to 2.0 to 3.0. I have basically decided that it is part of the price that I pay for a less costly cell service than the “big guys”.