Frustrating wait for numbers to move to 5.0

I was finally able to submit a successful activation for our two lines on Friday of last week. I had to call customer support and get help, and one thing they did was give us a different account number for our old account as the system wouldn’t take the actual number. The support staff person said it would only take a few hours for the phone lines to activate, although I expected it to take several days anyway. 6 days and four actual business days later, nothing has happened with either line and my last contact with customer service just indicated that they had no idea how long this would take to get resolved and that they know that stinks (paraphrasing, obviously). Customer service staff have said it would still be possible to switch to a different service, which I feel forced to consider as my wife will need a functioning phone when she returns to work next week. However I’ve seen statements on here that it would not be possible to switch until the port is complete, which also makes sense to me. The whole situation is very frustrating.

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Hi @johnm.j6y0l6,

We haven’t forgotten about you, though I’m very sorry the solution is taking so long. Our engineers have been working to resolve each number transfer issue that has arisen. Yours remains as one that needs collaboration between our engineers and the porting team with our new carrier partner, as there was an error during the process. I’m hoping we’ll have news for you within just another day or two.

Thanks for the update. I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed.

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I want to try to clarify some things about where my account currently stands. I was able to submit an activation on 12/24 with help, and my understanding was that the port was essentially stuck in progress due to the ongoing issues. Someone did confirm a while back that I could not switch services because the port was in progress (from 4.0 on Bandwidth to 5.0 on ATT), meaning we’re stuck unless we’re willing to give up our current numbers, which would be a huge hassle. But the recent rounds of automated emails seem to be saying everything has reset and that I’ll be alerted when I can try again to activate a 5.0 plan: “We encountered problems while transferring your phone number(s) to a new Republic Wireless plan due to a system issue on our side. … Please do not attempt to activate again at this time. You will get another email when your plan is ready for activation.” Am I misinterpreting that? Is our port actually still in progress? And if not does that mean we could in fact port our numbers out to another service now? (My wife really really needs a reliable working phone. She can’t keep her old phone reliably charged but needs to use it to authenticate for work. She also has a new phone but no service on it.) And if we can now port our numbers to a new service, what should we use as our account number, since I was given an alternative number to use when activating last month? Thanks for your help. I would reply to my existing ticket to ask but at one point was told not to do that as it would de-escalate it.

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While waiting for southpaw, I’ll take a shot, however, please understand I have no access to your account and, therefore, cannot look anything up for you.

I can’t be entirely certain but I believe it’s more likely than not your pending port has been canceled.

I wish I was able to be more definitive but the best answer I’m able to provide is probably. What should happen if you attempt to port out of Republic and the port from 4.0 to 5.0 is still pending is the provider you port to would be unable to complete the port due to the already existing pending port.

If I may ask, what is the brand, model and (if applicable) the generation of your wife’s new phone? Was it purchased from Republic or a third party retailer? If from Republic, was it purchased before or after December 14, 2021?

May I also ask for the brand, model and (if applicable) generation of your wife’s current phone?

When porting out of Republic, the account number is the 10-digit phone number being ported with no dashes. More information on porting out of Republic is linked here:

This would be inaccurate. Opening additional tickets that would then be merged into the already open ticket can cause priority to change. Further responding to the already open ticket would not.

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My wife’s old phone is a Moto X first gen. It’s just really old and needs to die (the battery doesn’t hold much charge and the micro-usb charging port is too loose to charge reliably). I’ve been trying to get my wife to let me replace it for several years but she refused until the charging issues became a serious problem. Which of course was about the time Republic’s store was shut down. Once I confirmed that the pixel 5a would work on the new plans I ordered one for her, and then ordered sims for both of us as soon as the store reopened. We’ve had republic for years with no problems, but at this point I feel like we need to move on to a working service while the new Republic figures things out.

The reason behind the question is I was hoping it might be possible to move the active SIM from old to new phone. I’m sorry to say though the Moto X1 does have a SIM, it is phone specific and cannot be moved to another phone.

I’m certainly not trying to dissuade you on that. Candidly, right now, Republic really doesn’t have a good option for you other than waiting it out and it pains me to say that.

Presuming the earlier port has been canceled, you would be able to port one or both numbers out. If the earlier port remains pending, the prospective new provider wouldn’t be able to complete the port, however, you wouldn’t be any worse off. This, of course, presumes things work as they are designed to and the design I’m referring to is number porting not anything specific to 5.0. That said, if you wanted to wait for assurance your port is canceled, I wouldn’t blame you.

Yeah, I’m hoping to get confirmation that the port is canceled, rather than still stuck in progress, before proceeding. Otherwise we run the risk of losing whatever money we have to pay to order sim cards/plans/etc. from a new provider.

Hi @johnm.j6y0l6,

I’m truly very sorry I have not been able to spend the time I need to be spending here in Community to answer questions like yours.

I see that you were able to get the answer you needed from our Help Team. I am going to follow up with additional information on that ticket, though it’s probably too late, now, for my answer to be much use to you. :disappointed: