Fulls specs for huawei ascend 5w


Does anyone know just what the FULL specs are for the Huawei ascend 5w? RW claims what they published are the full specs but there not even mention of something as basic as whether it shoots 1080p video or above.

I can’t find this phone model anywhere else on the web…

Given the clock is ticking on the 6 free months… I’d like to get those full free specs.



Latest from RW:

Huawei Ascend 5W Tech Specs

Looks like 1080.


Thanks for finding that. After reading all the specs, I’m glad I didn’t buy it. Now I don’t feel so bad. :wink:

But it begs the questions why didn’t RW include all those specs on the page in the store? Where was it hiding? How was one to find it? And why can’t I find this model anywhere? Is it a rebadged older model?


The store also shows **DISPLAY **5.5” HD (1080x1920) LCD


Maybe one of the dozen or so folks who were actually able to purchase one today will be so kind as to post a review and further details once they receive it. Or maybe one of the employees or ambassadors who already have or had one (they were actually tested before going on sale, weren’t they?) could provide further details and their own thoughts.