G 5 Play vs. G5 Plus

Now this is so weird. On Friday my Moto G5 Play arrived. I cannot find any information the the G5 Play after exhaustive searching.
I can find info on the G5 Plus.
An expert told me in the community forum that RW does not support the G5 Play but they support the G5 Plus. How can this be because I bought the G5 Play from RW?
G5 Play arrived on Friday and is all set up and I was looking to see what all it can do.

Motorola does not make a Moto G5 Play.

The G5 family consists of:

  • Moto G5
  • Moto G5 Plus
  • Moto G5s Plus

Hi @bonnieh.71i8en,

Please take a look at the box. It should say Moto G5 Plus (or Moto G5+)

We do not sell a phone called the G5 Play.

I think this is the phone you ordered: Moto G⁵ Plus | Republic Wireless


I am wrong. I could not read the small print on the box (broke my glasses and waiting for new ones to come in) and had to have hubby look at the box.


@bonnieh.71i8en The links I referred you to are for your phone G5 Plus.

This is the model phone you have: G5 Plus Model XT1687

Here are the links for more details on your phone:

Tips & Tricks:

User Manual, you can download this to your computer:

There is also a user manual built into your phone. If you go to App Draw: :appsicon: Look for the app that is a big blue question mark :motohelp: In that app you can find the built in User Manual.

littletoucan, [allaboutmotog.com], [Burusutazu], southpaw
(Profile - Burusutazu - Community Forums)(https://allaboutmotog.com/g5_manual/official_user_guide_of_Moto_G5_and_Moto_G5_Plus_English_language.pdf)
Thank you to all of you!
It is not easy being '“old” and having memory problems; let alone breaking my glasses.


O believe me I understand. It’s my pleasure to be of assistance. :slight_smile:

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