G3 cannot send an image/photo

Getting “cannot send due to network problem” on wifi and on cell. No updates available.
I have shut down and performed a factory cache clearing. No apps installed and using Messaging for texts.
Been going on for a few weeks.

Any ideas?

Hi @chrisw.zdacix,

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Are you by chance using the old messaging app that looks like this: :messaging:
If so please use Messages by Google. (That old app is no longer being supported by Google)

Please let us know if this helps :slight_smile:

Oh, and please be sure that RCS chat feature is off . :wink:
This will help you do that:

On my phone I do no have the options to disable the RCS chat features, no settings option.
I did update from Messaging, icon looked like the new one but was green with the 3 lines, to Messages and it seems to be working on images. Thank you!

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