G3 End Very Near For T-Mobile/Sprint?

Interested to get feedback from members and RW as to what they may know at this point.


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This could have dire ramifications for republic wireless legacy customers on the 1.0, 2.0 and possibly some 3.0 plans. I don’t wish this on anyone, no matter how old their device may be.

Yes, it’s going to be a mess for sure.

I have 3 phones on RW at the moment and I know that at least 2 are on T-Mobile (Pixel 3a) and 1 Moto X4 (which could be on Sprint or T-Mobile, I don’t remember).

I think I’ll be okay with those choices but would love to confirm that the phones are really using VoLTE.

I’m not panicking about this announcement. There’s still much speculation involved. What T-Mobile does (and when T-Mobile does it) regarding its own customers isn’t likely to have an immediate impact on Republic or its customers. There are contractual arrangements involved. Other than the parties involved, no one (myself included) knows what those contractual arrangements are. I’m confident when there’s something to say regarding impact for Republic customers, Republic will say it.

As an aside, it’s not just T-Mobile/Sprint. AT&T just sent a mass email to all its customers suggesting they ought to be getting ready to urgently replace their 3G phones. The email conveniently neglected to mention AT&T doesn’t plan to shut down its 3G network until February 2022. A cynic might say AT&T was trying to take advantage of the situation to sell more phones sooner rather than later.

@robg.ev3gek, to the best of my knowledge, both the Moto X4 and the Pixel 3a support VoLTE. VoLTE is not new, it’s been around for a few years now. Pretty much any reasonably modern phone should support VoLTE.


Thanks. I forgot about RW’s contractual agreements.

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Hi @PlaneTherapist,

Thanks for bringing this conversation to the Community, and @rolandh, thanks for sharing your insights, as well.

@PlaneTherapist, because you asked for a response specifically from RW, please know that we’re continuing to monitor the developments and we’re working with our cellular partners to ensure the best possible connectivity and experience for our members. For anyone who is concerned about news items they see, we want our members to understand that your Republic Wireless service is not affected at this time. We will be sharing more information as we have it available.

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I’m going to be a bit less sympathetic that the rest. The info above says that non-VoLTE devices will be able to be used until 2021. That’s quite non-specific because it could be 5 months from now or 17 months from now. In either case, we don’t even know how this will be applied to contracted MVNOs like Republic. All that said, the only non-VoLTE phones on Republic are the legacy (Moto Defy, X1, X2, G1, G3, E1 and E2). The newest of these is the G3 released late 2015. A phone between 4-5 years old is a technological dinosaur in cell phone time.

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Does state starting Jan 2021.

Sounds to me like technological snobbery against those still enjoying their older phones.


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“Starting” remains very non-specific. Does this mean that parts of the network will be shutdown? Does it mean certain locations? Who the heck knows what that means.

Call it what you like. The average cell phone is replaced in 21 months in the US. So, yea, ancient. And whether you like what I call it or not, the system they run on is being shutdown, so yea, I liked my old analog Motorola bag phone, but that doesn’t change facts.

Times change. My Motorola phone bag plan charged me $1 a minute (rounded up) for just a phone call. Times definitely have changed!

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If correct this may be helpful information for those concerned.

Once you find the SIM Status option, tap it, and a popup should appear. If the voice network type is listed as LTE, you’re good to go. https://www.androidpolice.com/2020/07/24/how-to-find-out-if-your-t-mobile-phone-has-volte-support/


I don’t believe this is actually helpful with Republic as just because the phone isn’t connected by VoLTE doesn’t mean it is incapable of connecting by VoLTE. All Republic 3.0 phones have VoLTE capability.

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Uh oh. I’ve got the Moto X Gen 2, and I’m on the RW call+Wifi 3G plan. I thought that I had until maybe late 2021 or early 2022 to keep my plan/phone. I’m not looking forward to upgrading…

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