G4 16GB vs 32GB

G4 16GB vs 32GB I missed the 32 GB G4, is the 16 GB G4 worth buying now or wait till the 32 G4 goes back up on sale. I would use a SD card with it… Thanks, Rick

I don’t know for sure, but given that the G4 is on its way out the door as a model you might not see another sale on it unless they end with inventory they don’t want.

Android OS takes up almost 11GB… I would recommend getting at least 32GB… I got a 64GB Moto X Pure on a sale…and I thought I was getting too much…in under a year I have accumulated 46GB…and I don’t consider myself a power user.

That’s not right. We have a 16GB G4 and the system takes up around 6GB, NOT 11. Where did you get that figure?

Edited to add: When new our G4 16GB showed 9.88GB of storage available.

My Moto X Pure under Storage shows Android at 11GB - 6.0 with December 1, 2016 Security Patch.

The amount of storage used by Android will vary from model to model. What’s used on the MXP is not necessarily true of the Moto G4

Fair enough…but the fact that another phone from the same manufacturer is using up so much of the native storage for the OS should give anyone considering the 16GB over the 32GB fair warning.

My general rule of thumb is take the amount of storage one thinks one will need and double it. That said, if @louisdi has a G4 in his possession and reports the Android OS at closer to 6 GB rather than the nearly 11 GB I too see on my 64 GB Moto X Pure, I’ll defer to that.

Unfortunately I can’t get my hands on the phone right now but, for instance, from Phonedog (Motorola Moto G4 Plus Tips, Tricks, FAQs & Useful Options » PhoneRadar ), here’s the information regarding the G4+:

How much the internal storage on the Motorola Moto G4 Plus?

The device comes with 32 GB as its internal storage, and around 25.38 GB of free space is available for the end user and rest of the space is occupied by pre-installed apps and OS. (So in this case 6.62 GB for the OS).

Hi @zestymac

You can see by the replies that this inquiry is subjective. Honestly, 16GB seemed like a lot of memory a year ago, and 32GB seemed like overkill. I’m glad my MXP has 32GB.

I could get by on a 8GB phone if I had to, it is really just a matter of finance vs. convenience. JMHO, .

Just got an email from Republic (a marketing email) and it looks like the $199 for the 32 GB is coming back as a price drop April 1st

Is this one of their “baller” phones? LOL

yes it is, along with Moto G5 plus coming this spring

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