G4+ Charging defect


I sent my G4+ back to Motorola because it was still in warranty and was experiencing “phantom touches” on the screen. The replacement I got was fine but on the fourth day it would no longer charge. So I got that one replaced. This one has gone five days, and now the same charging problem is manifesting itself.

So, do I just do it again? I am becoming very frustrated that they keep sending me crap phones. As much as it’s probably costing them in overnight shipping, they can’t be doing it on purpose, right?


It’s probably not on purpose, the only thing you can do is contact Motorola and request another phone.


Has Motorola also replaced the charger and cable?


The microUSB port and terminal can sometimes fail to make appropriate contact, due to one or the other becoming misshaped. You might try taking a fine point knife and v-e-r-y slightly, and very carefully, widening the terminal at the end of the charging cable. Or, just get another charging cable.

This problem can easily happen if you have accidentally yanked the cable while the phone was connected.