G4 dropping WiFi?

G4 has been operating flawlessly on the 1GB a month plan for 3 months. Worked fine over cell and over all WiFi networks (home and around town). However, starting mid-February, I blew through all my data in 5 days because my phone drops off WiFi and switches to cell at random times. I was not aware of this at first, so Youtube and other sites ate up all data, even while I was at home. The phone will not switch back to WiFi unless I manually turn the WiFi off and on in the settings screen… Even then it won’t reconnect to WiFi the first time I reset, it takes a few tries. The phone will auto connect to my home router when I get home from work, but drops off randomly. Every 30 seconds or every 8 hours, no pattern.

A) What is going on? This happens on all WiFi networks, not just my home router (which functions fine)

B) How do I get my data back? I have been without cell data for 10 days now, and use email quite a bit while on the go.


Take a look at these documents


Maximizing your WiFi - getting the best from your Router/network

for some troubleshooting suggestions.

If that doesn’t work, please submit a help ticket


If you need more cellular data for the rest of the billing cycle you will need to upgrade your plan to the next higher level.

How To Change My Plan

I know how to upgrade my plan…that is not the issue. 1 GB has been sufficient for my needs.

I should not have to upgrade due to a phone flaw, if that is indeed the case. If it is something I did, then fine. Either way I’d like to know what is going on and how to fix it.

The phone was working great for 3 months and all of a sudden the phone drops wifi and switches to cell data and all my cell data is used up in 3 days while I’m at home with my perfectly functioning router. Once I noticed the problem, I kept an eye on it. Now I have noticed that the phone will connect to other wifi networks and function properly for a while, but randomly drops off those networks too. The only way to get it to re-connect is to turn off the wifi in the settings screen and then turn it back on. Then it will re-connect, but then drop off randomly again. Powering off the phone and then powering on does not fix the issue.


Community members are mostly other Republic wireless customers just like yourself. If the above WiFi troubleshooting suggestions didn’t work, please open a help ticket


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