G4 no sound from speaker



moto g4, talk, text data 3.0 plan.
the sound from the speaker stopped working but headphone jack does work. volume is turned up, do not disturb is off. I cleared cache. I ran moto help app with hardware test and it says “there might be a problem with speaker”… ya think

and thoughts or ideas or is phone junk?


Hi @garyr.bnhgi3,

If you try to play music, there’s no sound, right? (Just making sure it’s the speaker, not the notifications.)
Some folks have had some luck with an issue like you’re describing by plugging/unplugging a headset - apparently sometimes the mechanism inside the jack is stuck in the “plugged in” position, disabling the speaker.

Have you tried in safe mode?


@garyr.bnhgi3 Are you still having this issue?


Replacement speaker coming tomorrow


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