G4 Nougat update and failure to boot - SD card connection

I just got notification of the update.

In the last couple of weeks my battery has suddenly been draining 2x as fast as before. I’m not sure what is causing it, but after making some changes last night it seems like maybe the battery drain was finally better today. The two things I changed last night were to disable Google Assistant and to disable automatic updates in Play. I’m not sure which if either had an effect.

Now I guess I’ll find out how 7.0 performs.

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This update really messed me up. It tried booting several times after the update, showing a Motorola logo. It buzzed each time. Now it says "Start Up Failed: Your device didn’t start up successfully. Use the Software Repair Assistant on computer to repair your device. Connect your device to your computer to get the Software Repair Assistant.

AP Fastboot Flash Mode (Secure)
failed to validate recovery image

ERROR: Failed to pass validation, backup to fastboot

Fastboot Reason: Fall-through from recovery boot mode

USB connected

Now what do I do?

Motorola Support - Find Answers | Motorola Mobility, Inc.

I contacted Motorola Support. I had tried holding power and rebooting several times and it didn’t work. Of course with them it did work.

Now I’m on 7.0.

I’m still fairly messed up after this update. When I reboot it almost always fails but after a bunch of tries (maybe 20-30 reboots in 10 or 15 minutes) it finally boots up all the way. The failed boot screen is slightly different from before. Now I get an Android guy on his back and it says “No command” underneath.

This issue has something to do with my SD card. I was about to reset to factory settings, and I powered off and removed my SD card in preparation. But once I did that I became able to boot successfully with no errors every time. When I put the SD card back in, I’m back to the “No command” boot problem. So I guess later I’ll save all my files to a computer, wipe the SD card and copy my files back in hopes this makes the phone happy.

Out of curiosity, is the SD card formatted as adoptable storage? More from Motorola here: Adoptable Internal device storage - Moto X Pure Edition, Android 6.0 (Marshmallow).


No, it is not formatted as adoptable.

In fact it’s not even formatted as internal at all, it’s formatted as portable.

Turned the phone off, removed the 128gb Sim SD card, and turned the phone back on. The update continued to install. When completed, I powered the phone back down, reinstalled the Sim SD card, and powered the phone back up. So far everything seems to be working well. How’s your situation going?

Moderator’s note: “Sim” changed to “SD” to avoid any confusion. This is not a SIM card issue.

Still no better for me. I’ve reformatted the card in Android 7.0 and still have the same boot issue. My wife has the same phone and I confirmed the card still works fine in her phone on 6.0.1. Then I updated her phone to 7.0 and the card now causes the same boot problem on her phone. Meanwhile her SD card works in both phones with no boot problems. The few times my phone has booted with the problem card it has no problem reading it once booted. It’s a Samsung Evo 128GB and it’s worked great for seven months.

You might want to check with Motorola as they controlled the code release and own the warranty

I contacted Motorola (for the 3rd time). After giving them all the latest information about 7.0 causing the problem, their super-helpful advice is “you need to buy a new SD card”.

Sorry they weren’t of any help, as I have either the G4 nor the 128 SD to test/verify hopefully some else will chime in and help you out

My card is an Amplim DuraData 128gb.

Operation of my 4g plus seems noticeably faster and smoother with the Nougat OS.

My card is a Samsung SAMBMC128DA 128GB EVO+ UHS-I microSDXC U1 Memory Card (Class 10).

I just put it into my Windows 10 computer and completely reformatted it, taking over an hour. I put it in the phone; same problem. When it eventually booted, I used the phone’s settings menu to reformat the card again. It is working fine while the OS is booted. But as soon as I reboot, it tries many times before a successful reboot.

7.0 or Motorola’s treatment of it must have a problem with this memory card.

I found a thread showing I’m not the only one seeing this problem.
Re: 128GB SD card prevents booting of phone - Page 2 - Lenovo Community

Hi @ericr.c4utdc and @frjohn, and anyone else experiencing this failure to boot with a 128GB SD Card installed after updating to Nougat,

Would you be so kind as to open a ticket and ask that it be attached to master ticket 1103886? We’d like to track and explore this issue further, and your examples would be very helpful.

Sure. I opened a ticket and asked that it be attached to 1103886. My ticket is 1104142.

Thanks so much!

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