G4 Play - How does one empty the Trash?



I get a message that my Trash is full.


Hi @kurtb.fzaclf

Do you know what app gave you the message? Could it be from one of your emails? You can check which app gave you the message by pressing and holding the message in the notification area.

If it is your email, ..

you can go log into your email via another method such as on a computer and empty the trash that way. Most modern email systems though empty the trash automatically.


The message is from “Photos”… when I delete photos and video


I tried searching around but I didn’t find any information on trash limits of the Google Photos app or service.

From what I know, when you delete photos via the Google Photos app, it will store the photo in the trash bin for 60 days just in case you change your mind. You can go ahead and find the Trash bin by opening up the Photos app, opening up the left overflow (hamburger menu) and choosing the Trash Bin, and choose empty the trash there to see if it helps.


Thank you WIllow. This is the information I needed


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